The oldest trap for mammoths

The oldest mammoth trap discovered for the first time.A photo from open sources

Mexican archaeologists have discovered in the city of Tultepec ancient trap for catching mammoths.

Archaeological Leader Luis Cordoba Barradas said that this trap is a huge burial place, discovered this spring.

The archaeologist emphasized that this find is a turning point. moment in the history of his country and the whole world, since similar artifacts have never come across archaeologists.

In an ancient trap measuring 300 square meters was discovered more than 800 bones belonging to 14 individuals. In it also the remains of a camel and a horse were found.

According to preliminary estimates of scientists, the age of this burial about 14700 years. It was possible to calculate the age by layered in these places a 12-m layer of volcanic ash.

Cordoba also said that all found artifacts will be exhibited in Mammoth Museum of Tultepek.

Andrey Vetrov

Ancient Mammoth Artifacts

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