The oldest wine cellar found in Israel

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In Israel, an ancient wine cellar was discovered, which, according to According to scientists, it can absolutely rightly claim the title the oldest wine repository of all known today. Uniqueness Finds consists in the fact that immediately found in the found cellar several perfectly preserved bottles with strong drinks. True, this utensil can be called bottles quite conditionally. Tanks are massive ceramic products, corked in a special way. Of course, the taste of the drinks found the cellar is very difficult to compare with modern Bordeaux or Chianti. As a chemical examination showed, bottled liquid is a mixture of edible resin and water, generously seasoned with a variety of herbs. Experts have established that ancient winemakers used mint and myrtle, juniper and cinnamon. IN that it was wine that was stored in the found ancient cellar, no doubt about it. As one of the university’s researchers noted Haifa, the discovered drink is very much like modern Greek wine Rezina. The findings underwent serious chemical analyzes, who confirmed the highest skill of ancient winemakers. After all after a couple of hundred years, Retsin, prepared according to modern recipes, would turn into turpentine. And this despite the fact that technology and the means of that time meant using only exclusively natural substances. The room where the wine was stored is part of the Canaanite palace located in Tel Kabri, in the northern part of Israel. Estimated build time The palace dates from 1700 BC. A hundred years later the palace was destroyed most likely by an earthquake. Looking for walls of the palace archaeologists stumbled upon a large vessel, 1 height meter. The found capacity was dubbed “Bessie” and became carefully Explore the area closest to it. As a result, it was discovered more 39 bottles, the total volume of which is close to 2000 liters liquids. Based on the calculations, it was concluded that the bottles stored in a specially equipped room with an area of ​​about 40 square meters. In the vicinity of the winery another room was found, which, according to Israeli scientists and the USA, served as a banquet hall for various celebrations. Parts of the bones of cattle confirm the version that that it was here that serious feasts were arranged. Find of great historical value and sheds light on culture features of the ancient Canaanites who inhabited the territory modern Israel and Lebanon. It should be noted that at that time Canaanites dominated large areas of the Middle East region. Now in the hands of scientists were not only inscriptions and pictures telling about used in such an ancient era fault, but also directly evidence of their existence.

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