The pyramids of Egypt were built by people who arrived with islands of the northern country of Duat n Ba

The pyramids of Egypt were built by people who arrived from the islands of the northern country of Duat n BaA photo from open sources

The Kola Peninsula has repeatedly been in the spotlight researchers. It is with him that myths about Hyperborea – ancient the ancestral home of many earthly peoples. One of the mysteries of the peninsula – two man-made structures in the form of pyramids, whose age is not less than 9000 years. That is, they are twice older than the famous Egyptian. Coming from the North About the mysterious Hyperborea mentioned by ancient authors. So, Pliny the Elder argued that Hyperboreans are a real ancient people living at the Arctic Circle (“beyond Borey”) and genetically related to the Hellenes, in whom there was a cult of Apollo Hyperborean. In its “Natural stories “he wrote:” Beyond these mountains, on the other side of Aquilon, happy people called hyperboreans reach very advanced years and glorified by wonderful legends. The sun shines there for six months, the stars there rise only once per year during the summer solstice, and only enter during the winter. The country this one with a favorable climate and devoid of any harmful wind. Homes for these residents are groves, forests. Cult of the gods copes with individuals and the whole society; unknown there discord and all sorts of diseases. Death comes there only from satiety life. “By the way, in the ancient” texts of builders “inscribed on the walls of the temple of Horus in the Egyptian city of Edfu, it is told that the pyramids were built by some “enlightened” ones who arrived from the islands the northern country of Duat n Ba, affected by the flood. It was they who became the founders of Egyptian civilization. Priests Ancient Egypt was described by Duat n’Ba as a place where the “sun of hidden from us the world meets the sun of our world. “According to Egyptologists, the word “duat” means the red light of dawn before by the dawn. This happens at 65 degrees north latitude, at Russian North. Hyperborea Hunters First attempted to unravel the secrets of the Kola Peninsula in 1921 Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Neuroenergetics of the All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine Alexander Barchenko. However after the return of the expedition carried out under the auspices of the OGPU, and report on its results to Dzerzhinsky all the information about it was strictly classified, and there is still no access to it … Barchenko was shot in 1938. In 1997, the second the expedition to the Kola Peninsula led by the famous scientist, doctor of philosophical sciences Valery Demin. He is many years old was collecting materials about Hyperborea and concluded that, perhaps this country was the ancestral home of all human civilization. And material evidence of its existence follows Search in the Russian North, near the Arctic Ocean. Demin’s Expedition bore fruit. A number of objects were found on the peninsula presumably of anthropogenic origin. However tell full information about his discoveries to the scientific world the researcher does not had time: he died in 2006. There are pyramids! …This place in the center of the Kola Peninsula in the Ninchurt Mountain region, near Seydozer, has long been endowed with local lapps mystical power. But until recently, two overgrown with moss, lichen and a small bush of elevation was considered simply hills. Photos from open sources The first word “pyramids” uttered Murmansk researcher Lidia Efimova. She drew attention that these objects are located almost in a straight line along west-east direction relative to each other. Efimova suggested that this is an ancient observatory, allowing to observe the starry sky. In 2007, the International club scientists organized another expedition, set the specific purpose of the study of “Russian pyramids.” It included 18 people of different specialties: historians, astronomers, geologists, filmmakers, including a professor at the Russian Academy Natural Sciences Valery Chudinov, Doctor of Geological and geographical sciences Dmitry Subetto, spokesman for Pulkovo Observatory, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Sergey Smirnov. This is not to say that the expedition went smoothly. At first the group is not lucky with the conductors. Dare to set off without a guide researchers could not: the pyramids are located in a completely deserted and an impassable place, besides finding them is not so easy. FROM the helicopter is not visible at all – covered with vegetation, they just merge with the general landscape. Photos from open sources None of the local Aborigines burned the desire to accompany the expedition. The first conductor stated that because of this “work” he may have problems with the “ancestors”, and soon disappeared, leaving his wards to their fate. I had to urgently look for another, more responsible. Unforeseen difficulties arose with the flight to the pyramids. Unknown forces seemed unwilling to allow researchers to objects. Once the helicopter that was carrying Demin’s group almost crashed – the pilots miraculously managed to land him. This time at expedition members also had problems. As it turned out, a day and the hour when they appointed the flight to the pyramids, above them were to low altitude fly military aircraft. However a helicopter the expedition managed to slip through the air corridor when he was briefly opened. But then the researchers were lucky. They could carefully scan the structures using ground penetrating radar. The conclusion was unequivocal: both objects have artificial, but not natural origin! In addition, they appear to have been exposed three times. alteration: they were built in height. Elevations consisted of several layers and had the structure of a regular pyramidal shape with voids inside. By the way, in form they corresponded to descriptions the legendary Mount Meru, symbolizing the “axis of the world”, mentions of which can be found in various myths and teachings. “Book of god Tota “on the White Sea Rocks Similar structures were found on The white sea. They are inferior in size to the Egyptian pyramids. But if compare their photographs with pictures of the Khufu Pyramid in Giza, then it can be seen that these buildings have many similarities in the form of blocks, the principle masonry and overall structure. Pyramidal structures were discovered and on one of the groups of islands of Lake Ladoga. Something like the remains of the pyramids in the White Sea Photos from open sources Photos from open sources According to historians, the name “Egypt” came from “Chi-Ku-Ptah” (Ptah – one of the names of the creator god in ancient Egyptian tradition). That was the name of the city in Upper Egypt. A literal translation of this name sounds like “the house of the soul of Ptah.” The Greeks pronounced it as “Ai-Ki-Ptos”, and later it transformed into an E-Gi-Pet. In the mouths of the Egyptians themselves, the name their country sounded like “Tha Ta” (“black land”). And in Karelia, on the shore of the White Sea, there is the city of Kem … Pyramids of Lake Ladoga Photos from open sources Many large stones on the shore Ladoga Lake Photos from open sources Photos from open sources In the summer of 2010, another expedition International Club of Scientists discovered at the entrance to one of megalithic complexes of the White Sea region perfectly preserved hieroglyphic inscription, which in ancient Egyptian was read as “Ptah.” A dog face was carved on a stone nearby. As known, the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth was sometimes portrayed as a monkey with the head of the dog. In addition, on the White Sea rocks were found carved texts supposedly related to Hyperborean period and very similar to ancient Egyptian … They were even christened “the stone book of the god Thoth.” In the late 2000s on one of the White Sea islands not far from the same Kemi were found several curious objects. One of them was an egg-shaped megalith of white color with the image of a bird, very reminiscent of immortal phoenix, which is known to come from Egypt. A little bit at a distance was a black giant monolith in which it was possible see, depending on the imagination, the pentagram, the dog’s head or a huge eye. On the left is a bird image on white megalith egg in the White Sea (with special increase contrast of the picture), on the right – the ancient Egyptian image of a bird Benu – Phoenix. Photos from open sources With a careful examination on a volumetric image of the throne with a foot, under which sitting, kneeling, a man in a headdress similar to crown of kings of Upper Egypt. There is also an inscription: “Usir” is one of forms of the name Osiris belonging to the ancient Egyptian god the afterlife. Interestingly, a similar head-shaped stone Jackal closes the entrance to one of the mines of the Great Pyramid in Giza. it sculpture of the god Anubis, guarding the entrance to the underworld. Yet one circumstance: the main exit of all Egyptian tombs, through which, according to legend, the soul of the deceased just went to the underworld, it looks exactly to the north, to where, according to legend, Hyperboreans came. So the theory is that the ancient Egyptians are descendants of the northerners, not so crazy Tamara TROYANOVA

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