The pyramids were not tombs of the pharaohs

The pyramids were not the tombs of the pharaohsA photo from open sources

In Bosnia, in the center of Europe, they discovered a pyramid built of 40-ton blocks, which is higher than the Cheops pyramid. Now the authorities trying to shut it all down, claiming that it’s supposed to be such a “natural the formation of a “pyramidal shape … the pyramids were not tombs of the pharaohs An archaeologist from Bosnia is trying to prove: in the center of Europe 40 thousand years ago there was another civilization, disappeared for an unknown reason … In the depths of the pyramid reigns ominous twilight – the tunnel is dimly lit by dim bulbs. One the maze goes into another, twisting in spirals. Underground corridors stretched for 8-10 km. Clearing is gradual and has been going on without interruption for five years now – volunteers have to hollow the earth and limestone. It’s cold, steam comes out of my mouth. Dripping from above water. A ray of light from a flashlight rests against a stone – on it are carved runes and symbols resembling the letters E and Y. The sun, moon and Dragon – We discovered a boulder not so long ago, explains archaeologist adjusting his hat a la Indiana Jones. – It is believed that the runes – The letters of the ancient Germans – belong to the I century. BC e. And this one stone, according to analysis, is older than the Egyptian pharaohs. How could he to get into the very depths of the dungeons? Now look left where flat plate. One to one – an altar of stone age temples on Malta. My colleagues, scientists from the universities of Milan and Trieste, suggest: the pyramid of the Sun was built in total … a thousand years! But the main question is different: who were these builders? 51 year old Semir Osmanagich – Doctor of Sociology, University of Sarajevo, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. In 2005 after a series of studies, he announced: a forested mountain near Visoko (30 km from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina) is actually ancient 220-meter pyramid built by an unknown civilization about 40 thousand years ago! Archaeological excavations have already begun in a year. Almost immediately, it was possible to establish that the mountain consists of huge stone blocks (2-3 m in height), lead to its top steps, at the foot – a road paved with paving stones, and in the depths terraces are cut down. Osmanagich said at a press conference: total in the Visoko Valley was able to discover five pyramids, once erected by ancient architects in honor of the Sun, Moon and the unknown deities of the dragon. All buildings are interconnected by a network. underground tunnels. – They explain to us from school: in history white spots, this is simply impossible, Osmanagich smiles, dragging me deeper into the pyramids. – But can we talk about what was happening on the planet 20-30 thousand years ago, even if Is there a dispute between historians in World War II? God forbid, our civilization will be destroyed by natural disasters – other people, who then populate the Earth, will also not know anything about us, assuming that only mammoths lived here before. After the start of the excavation at Visoko, the scientific world split in half. And true, without evidence it’s very difficult to believe that thousands of years in the middle of Europe stood pyramids of an unknown civilization, and no one drew them attention. Even the Ministry of Culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at first supporting Osmanagich, in 2007 quarreled with him, releasing official statement: they say, the pyramids of stone are really exist, but they are created “in the course of a natural formation, without participation man. “Osmanagich in response landed a landing party in Visoko specialists from all over the world – both Italian professors and the famous Egyptologist Nabil Abdel-Svelim. The one visiting the excavations with inspection, said in a report: the natural formation is not proven, steps do not form steps and terraces – in fact, the “pyramid of the Sun” is the world’s largest building and 30 meters taller Cheops’ pyramids. “Civilization killed an explosion from the inside? Scientific battles continue: someone calls a doctor from Sarajevo a hoaxer, someone is a genius of archeology. I will say one thing: from the inside the pyramid is really impressive, hundreds of people work on its excavations volunteers from all over the world. Semir Osmanagich personally guided me through underground labyrinths – he is sure that in the depths of the pyramids entire cities existed. Of particular note: digging the ground, volunteers do not find any remains. No people, no animals, no even dead insects. Worms – and they are not found there. Osmanagich believes: this is evidence of a natural disaster that burned Visoko pyramids inside. Residents of a mysterious civilization left the valley – as the Maya Indians fled from an unknown reason their cities on the Yucatan. Meanwhile, you understand: all the pyramids of the world made according to one pattern. Four sides of the miracle Visoko in Bosnia oriented west, east, north and south, with the northern part directed to the North Star – the same as the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico. In addition to stone with carved runes during excavations, columns and plates with a strange ornament. So what kind of civilization many thousands of years ago it was able to erect such whoppers right in the middle of Europe? – I do a lot of pyramid research years, – shining a flashlight, explains Dr. Osmanagich. – I can say: even in Egypt, some scholars do not recognize the official point view that the pyramids were tombs. There is no explanation as in the Ancient Egypt without mortar, construction cranes were manually built such gigantic structures? There are pyramids around the world – not only in Egypt, Peru and Mexico. There are others – step pyramids on the island of Tenerife near Africa, on Mauritius, in Indonesia, an underwater pyramid near Taiwan. It turns out, these structures covered the whole planet. To whom did they belong and, most importantly, for what did you serve? We take a break, sit down on a boulder in the back the pyramids. As a skeptic, I patiently wait – now Osmanagich will tell me stories about the Atlanteans, the inhabitants of Lemuria or aliens. In vain. It turns out that everything is not so simple … who inhabited Europe with mammoths? Why can pyramids be considered power plants? Pyramids were used as nuclear power plants? Archaeologists Reveal Secrets ancient civilizations “I got the impression that, probably before the ice age there were several civilizations of different levels of development “In the previous publication” AiF ” reported: in 2005 Semir Osmanagich, doctor of sociology, professor Archeology University of Sarajevo, excavating at Visoko, at 30 km from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, discovered a complex of five the pyramids. The largest (temple of the Sun) exceeded the size of the pyramid Cheops in Egypt. This sensation split the scientific world in half: someone Osmanagich declared a genius, someone a hoaxer. After 6 years one thing is clear: yes, there are pyramids in the Visoko Valley, consisting of giant stone blocks. The main question: appeared were they in the course of a natural formation or were they erected by humans? “Nothing Remains from Us” According to Assumption the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who first composed description of the pyramids of Egypt, were involved in the construction approximately 100 thousand slaves. Most of them died. Now Herodotus’ conclusions are refuted by modern scholars: slave labor is not could create pyramids. There are many versions, but who exactly were builders, unknown. – Pyramids in Egypt, Mexico, China identical in construction scheme, said the doctor in an interview with AiF Osmanagich. – These are the correct geometric shapes facing north to the main heavenly bodies. Why were they built? Already in the 30s years XX century Egyptologists at the British Museum found: pyramids have a special energy. Ordinary souvenir pyramid, if cover it with raw meat, keeps it fresh longer. Honed the razor under the pyramid will remain sharp all week. Not excluded that ancient civilizations built pyramids for energy – and these facilities then functioned as modern power plants. IN independent scholars favor this opinion pyramids, including Briton Christopher Dunn, author of the book “Giza Power Station” is the name of a suburb of Cairo, where the pyramid of Cheops is located. Dunn posted a photo of the mazes in the dungeons of Giza and drawings of ancient schemes resembling engines, proving that the pyramids gave more energy than a nuclear reactor (!). In 2007, scientists from the Russian Academy came to Bosnia sciences, including academician Oleg Khavroshkin – world famous specialist in geodetic research of pyramids. In your report he pointed out: “A spectral analysis of noise near the pyramid of the Sun and The pyramids of the moon indicate the existence of hidden cavities. Seismic all structures revealed their features, partly similar to Egyptian pyramids, including focusing the signal along the track “the foundation is the peak” … “. That is, according to scientists, under the main pyramids around the world have underground labyrinths, and themselves the pyramids emit weak, but still energy. Is it possible to say that ancient civilizations actually acted underground? what prevented them from going outside? “I don’t know this,” he shakes. shoulders Osmanagich. “Maybe radiation, maybe a cold climate.” At I got a strong impression that probably before the glacial period on the planet there were several civilizations of different levels of development. Judging by the temples and statuettes, they had deities, there were palaces for rulers, there were similarities of power plants – in the form of pyramids. I do not exclude that they even fought with each other. Not do you believe? Just imagine: if a meteorite crashes into the Earth, what will remain of our civilization? Yes, the same pyramids. We are not built nothing that lasts forever. Skyscrapers TV towers, metro stations – all this will turn into dust. But pyramids – they will stand forever … Chariots of the gods from Mars Swiss researcher Erich von Daniken, released in 1968 bestseller “Chariots of the gods?” (documentary “Memories of future “according to this book was very popular in the USSR), insists on versions that all the pyramids on Earth are built by aliens from other planets. He published a ton of documents, including images “astronauts” on the Nazca plateau in Peru and inside one of the pyramids in Guatemala. After the publication of the first photo of the surface of Mars von Daniken said: “The Martian pyramids are similar to the Egyptian.” However almost no one is seriously considering his hypothesis. If the pyramid The sun in Bosnia was erected by an ancient civilization, the question remains: how builders managed to move and put on each other stone blocks, each weighing 40 tons? No construction equipment, not even the most primitive, the Osmanagich team did not find during excavations. Opponents of the “theory of Bosnian pyramids”, in particular professor Archeology Curtis Runnel from Boston, consider: such structures on The Balkans could not be, since until 12,000 BC territory Europe was covered with glaciers. However, Osmanagich’s associates, for example professor anthropologist Paolo Debertolis, this is on the move refute: just Bosnia and the Adriatic Sea glaciers do not touched – the air temperature off the coast was only five degrees below the current and, therefore, suitable for construction human civilizations. … Semir Osmanagich and I are leaving the pyramids. He continues to say: “You felt a tingling sensation in fingers? These are electric waves – energy beats like that. Excavations 340 thousand hours are running, every month we are moving more and more – recently discovered grotto rooms. “The Ministry of Culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina refused to fund the work, however donations Osmanagich come from all over the world. “Who does this?” The doctor snorts. Sarah Accucci from the University of Milan. – From the ministry came to 15 minutes and was diagnosed with a pyramid of natural origin. If only we went into the tunnel. “It’s already clear: disputes around the pyramids continue and it is unlikely that any of the opponents will win. After all some cannot find evidence of what it was. And others – what was not …

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