The remains of a dinosaur with a huge nose

A photo from open sources

Utah paleontologists discover remains dinosaur with an unusually large nose. Because of his giant nose The dinosaur was named Rhinorex condrupus. Latin “Rhinorex” literally means “” King is the nose. ” the end is not known, “says Terry Gates, a researcher at the Museum North Carolina Science. It is unlikely that this dinosaur had a phenomenal sense of smell. Perhaps the nose was generic identification or served to attract females. The wide nasal cavity could contain a bag of soft tissues, swollen during the mating season. Photos from open sources

Studying the features of the discovered fossils, scientists came to the conclusion that this lizard was a representative of the Hydrosaur. Famous Hydrosaurs have decorative crests on their heads that were probably used for interactions between different individuals of the group. A distinctive feature of the dinosaur found is the presence of a spur occupying the lower part of the nasal bone. Availability this outgrowth, resembling a fishhook in shape, sets off Rhinorex is among the well-known hydrosaurs. Researchers discovered partially preserved skeleton and skull dated 1990 year, in the storerooms of the Birmingham Paleontological Museum. Fossils of Rhinorex condrupus – the only complete hydrosaur, discovered in this area. Since discovery, it took almost two years to extract a dinosaur skeleton from sandstone entirely. After restoration and full restoration of the skull it is clear that the fossils found belong to a new species. Pangolin could reach 9 meters in length, and weighed more than 3900 kg. During his The habitat in the detection area was a warm and humid climate. is he lived in a swampy area about 80 km from the coast. Scientists there is no certainty about the cause of the death of the dinosaur. With a large share probabilities can be argued that death found him in the water. Imprinted skin and preserved bones skeletons indicate that he was quickly buried by silt after of death. “What killed this Rhinorex killed him quickly,” says Gates. There is a chance that the beast was attacked by a giant crocodile. On previously found fossils repeatedly traces of bites allegedly Alligatoroid Deinosuchos. Fossil crocodile reached a length of 12 meters and weight in 8 tons.

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