The remains of a giant elephant’s “lost” in museum of Uruguay

The remains of a giant elephantA photo from open sources

In South Africa, paleontologists accidentally discovered remains an ancient giant rodent living about three million years back.

The scientific name of the animal is Josephoartigasia monesi. His paleontologists became interested in the remains found in 2008 only now. Because the ancient rodent looked like an elephant, Scientists nicknamed him the elephant mouse.

It was decided to recreate the appearance of an elephant, weighing about a ton and measuring the middle bison. The rodent was powerful 30-centimeter incisors with which he not only nibbled food, but also dug burrows and protected from predators. Elephant could compress the jaw with a force of 14 thousand newtons, that is, the way it is makes a modern tiger.

Josephoartigasia monesi is considered the largest rodent, existed on our planet. The remains of him can be seen in one from the expositions of the National Museum of History and Nature, which located in Montevideo (Uruguay).

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