The remains of a reptile older than dinosaurs

Found the remains of a reptile older than dinosaursA photo from open sources

In Tanzania (located in East Africa) by paleontologists an amazing find was discovered – the remains of an ancient reptile, which, as determined, has inhabited the earth for 247 million years ago, that is, before dinosaurs appeared. Reptile, named by scientists Nundasuchus songeaensis, in their opinion, is ancestor of crocodiles and modern birds.

The reptile’s body length exceeded 2.5 meters. Nundasuchus songeaensis had sharp teeth and various bone plates. Paleontologists admitted that the remains of this ancient animal were they discovered seven years ago – in 2007 in the southwest countries, and all subsequent years turned into painstaking work on restoration of the skeleton almost lost to science.

This discovery is very important for study. reptiles that lived before the dinosaur era since modern science very few of their species are known.

A photo from open sources


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