The remains of strange Frankenstein animals were discovered in England

The remains of strange Frankenstein animals have been discovered in England.A photo from open sources These are the remains of real monsters that dug up by British archaeologists at Bournemouth University, supposedly were ritual animals. They are found in principality of Dorset (south of England) and date back to approximately four hundreds of years BC.

That is, the Iron Age settlement was discovered, which existed before the invasion of England by the Roman conquerors. Till archaeologists have dug out only sixteen huts a kind of round forms, but aerial photography showed that there were no such buildings less than two hundred.

But it’s not the huts themselves that attracted the attention of scientists, but strange pits Outside housing, very similar to a storage facility. At the bottom archaeologists found the remains of these pits, which were made up of parts different animals. For example, a horse with rock attached to her forehead cows – a kind of mythical unicorn. But the cow, on the contrary, the local settlers attached the jaws of the horse. In one pit even found skeleton of a woman whose throat was clearly cut (there is a peculiar mark on the collarbone) and then put it on the hind limbs pigs and dogs. Moreover, the researchers determined that they were putting in holes full animals, that is, just killed, not their bones.

All this gave reason to assume that the data “burial” served the ancient English as some serious rites most likely related to worship of the gods on whom depended material well-being of the settlement. After all, on these ritual actions, apparently, the ancient inhabitants spared no valuable food, not even their fellow tribesmen.

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