The remains of the largest dinosaur from all known to science

A photo from open sources

A giant long-necked dinosaur weighing more than 65 tons and had length of about 26 meters, wandered around our planet in present Argentina about 77 million years ago. Paleontologists who discovered the bones of a huge animal, carried it to the sauropods (herbivorous four-legged long-necked dinosaurs). Paleontologists dubbed the dinosaur found dreadnought (huge military a ship that was created at the beginning of the 20th century). For the first time, scientists stumbled upon giant fossils in February 2005 when was a small fragment of his bone was excavated in Patagonia (southern Argentina). This fragment was part of the femur 1.8 meters long. A little later, scientists discovered the tibia and fibula. After four years of excavation, archaeologists found a total of 145 bones of the largest dinosaur in the world. Found fossils, including a dinosaur tooth, whose length was 5 centimeters, are currently in the science lab, located in the province of Santa Cruz (Argentina). However during Excavations archaeologists have not been able to find the head of a giant. The fact is that the head of a dinosaur, located at the end of a long The 11 meter long neck was too small and light. Consequently, when the lizard died, its head was separated from the general skeleton, and found its now almost impossible.

Scientists suggest dinosaurs discovered in Argentina died choking in the water of a river that suddenly broke through natural dam. This catastrophe instantly turned the earth into a semi-fluid clot of sand and water that covered the dinosaurs that allowed the skeletons to be perfectly preserved to this day. Further bone analysis shows that at the time of death a huge Dreadnoughtus was still a teenager. The bones of his shoulder are not fused together as it would be in adulthood of a dinosaur. I wonder what he would have reached the sizes if he lived to his coming of age …

Water Time Dinosaurs

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