The remains of the most ancient were found in Morocco stegosaurus

In Morocco, found the remains of an ancient stegosaurusPhoto from open sources

Archaeologists have discovered in Morocco a stegosaurus that lived on Earth 186 million years ago. According to paleontologists, this individual is the most ancient of all known.

Interestingly, this species of dinosaur was first discovered in North Africa. It was previously believed that this genus of herbivores dinosaur was not so widespread.

A group of archaeologists led by Suzanne Maidment gave this dinosaur name “Adratiklit boulahfa”, which is in Berber means “mountain lizard”. This is due to the fact that the remains stegosaurs were discovered on the Mid Atlas ridge in Morocco.

It is noteworthy that stegosaurs were widespread in North America, Europe and Asia, but in North Africa, this species of dinosaurs to archaeologists did not meet.

Scientists believe that at a time when dinosaurs lived, on Earth there were two supercontinent: Gondwana (southern) and Laurasia (northern). These continents before the split in the Mesozoic constituted one continent – Pangea. Most of the territories went to Laurasia, which subsequently became the basis for the continents of the Northern Hemisphere. Gondwana subsequently broke up into the continents of the Southern Hemisphere.

ESOREITER previously described what bones are. dinosaurs.

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