The riddle of the Chinese pyramids

A photo from open sources In the Middle Kingdom, as China has long been called, many amazing mountains that “support” this sky. Say the highest and most extensive Tibetan plateau in the world and high-altitude pole of the Earth – Chomolungma. But there are other elevations, who still amaze the world, and even more will surprise it in the future. Here is the Tiger Mountain near the city of Suchu. This is a huge earth mound, artificially created. According to the ideas of the ancient Chinese, she should have been conducive to people. Feng Shui, from the bowels of the earth there are two currents – male and female, known by the names “blue dragon” and “white tiger”. Connecting them and It brings as if prosperity and happiness. This is where we need to build house or temple. This is all, of course, in the eyes of an educated European mystical tinsel, but important for Chinese mentality component of life: according to Feng Shui, many verify each step. AND believe that the erected mound contributes to the exit of these mysterious matter – “blue dragon” and “white tiger”. No coincidence that in a place appeared and a settlement of people that later turned into a city with a high tower of nine floors. This is one of the most beautiful pagodas throughout the country. Unfortunately (or fortunately for tourists), the tower became inclined much earlier than the famous Italian leaning. In Xianyang is the Valley of the Pyramids with Dozens of huge man-made structures. Yes, such that eclipse the glory of the Egyptian. So, one of the embankments exceeds 300 m (which is two times higher than the famous Pyramid of Cheops). Why are few of them I heard? But the fact is that the Chinese authorities hid them for many years existence and location. Why? Among others, there is such explanation. Chinese scientists do not allow invasion of these pyramids. Like, out of fear of finding such evidence there that they would turn upside down all current ideas about life on Earth. But completely conceal information about structures like the seven wonders of the world, despite all the rigor of Chinese “perfect secrecy” turned out to be impossible. German archaeologist Hartwig Hausdorff in 1997 managed to get permission to visit the mysterious Valley of the Pyramids. But just to visit, to see – without any research. Archaeologist Wong Shipping suggests that the Chinese pyramids are part of giant system of holy lines – in China they are called feng shui. Pyramids are arranged in accordance with astronomical landmarks. and demonstrate examples of the incredible knowledge of the ancients in the field mathematics and geometry. There were even scrolls of 5000 years ago with information that the authors of the grand project were representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, called the Sons of Heaven. The structures in the Valley of the Pyramids are traces of those distant times. But, a detailed study of them seems to be a matter for future generations.

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