The rite of burial forced scientists to think

The rite of burial made scientists thinkPhoto from open sources

Not far from the Polish village of Dravsko now archaeological excavations during which the other day five graves with very interesting way of burial.

Four women and one man were buried with sickles, located in their neck (one dead man, senior woman, sickle at the waist). Also in the mouth of the deceased the remains of copper coins are found.

Scientists have made the assumption that this is most likely the grave people who were considered vampires in life. Moreover, there were a cemetery containing approximately three hundred graves. But only these five were different from everyone else. People were buried here in seventeenth century, when Europe was seriously believed (or it was on in fact – the disease of vampirism) in bloodthirsty vampires.

According to another version of some researchers, similar rituals burials could serve as amulets from evil spirits. The fact is that we are not aware of all the pagan burial practices that used before Christian since the church is not only pursued them, but persistently extorted information about them from all available sources.

It is possible that the burial data was made secretly from official church, and since at that time it was tantamount to heresies, such graves and it turned out only five of several hundred …

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