The second attempt of mankind

Artifacts that contradict the generally accepted theory of occurrence and human development, very inappropriately located in a variety of corners of the world. Scientists then stick figure a man in a spacesuit in ancient the burial ground is discovered, then the imprint of the tread of a boot in sandstone, whose age is 10 million years, then a porcelain glass, which 500 thousand years.

The second attempt of mankindPhotos from open sources The first nuclear explosion on Earth happened 30 million years ago

Of course, you can close your eyes to all these findings. However, it is possible admit the incredible: once upon a time there existed a developed a civilization that knew how to mine coal, to melt iron, to produce plastic, knew a lot about radio electronics and aircraft, and at leisure flew into space. But if so, then where did she go? Perhaps humanity, who lived on Earth before us, just did not survive the nuclear war …

The fact that a nuclear war on Earth had once been, love speculate on those who are called alternative historians. Official science considers their theories to be fake. Wherein explain where, for example, iron hammers come from Cretaceous, she herself is not able. But assuming that once humanity was already undergoing atomic war, similar “inconsistencies” become easily explained. Yes, and the argument that our planet was already experiencing a nuclear apocalypse – plenty. And both from the field of myths and legends, and quite tangible, which literally can be touched. Which, in fact, made by experts from NASA along with French scientists: five years back this “team” of alternativeists traveled the whole world and found plenty of evidence that nuclear war has already happened. For instance, they counted about 100 giant craters in the earth artificial origin. The largest, whose diameter is 120 km, located in Africa. Of course, we can assume as if a meteorite hit the Earth 25 thousand years ago rain and real rain. But in place of the fallen meteorite is not a scorched desert appears. And most giant funnels discovered just in areas of modern deserts. Meanwhile, a number legend says that once in these places bloomed gardens and rich cities stood. For example, according to Chinese legends, highly developed states were once in the desert Gobi In India – again, according to myths and legends – entire cities located in that part of the Indus valley, where now there is nothing but sand. The great Sumers are buried today under the sand drifts. and Babylonia. The ruins of ancient cities lurk in the deserts of Egypt and Mongolia, traces of settlements are discovered by scientists now completely unsuitable scorched territories of America and Australia …

MUTANTS AMONG US Why once blooming cities turned into lifeless wastelands? The weather and climate are furious changed? Let’s say. But why did the sand melt? Exactly sand turned into a glassy mass researchers in the Chinese part of the Gobi Desert, and in the area of ​​the lake Lobnor, and in the Sahara, and in the deserts of the Middle East and New Mexico. The temperature required to turn sand into glass, naturally does not appear on Earth. But with nuclear explosion – please. The conclusion suggests itself: it is these territories, with all their blooming gardens, villages and cities, and took a nuclear strike. And that which was not destroyed by explosions, radiation destroyed: the whole flora and fauna, including the “crown of creation” – of man. Actually, traces of radiation can detect now – after several tens of thousands of years: fossil remains of animal and plant organisms in the earth’s crust to this day bear traces of biological mutations. Cyclops, three-headed dragons, winged divas are now firmly written on the pages of myths and legends. But maybe once they existed in reality: radiation could very well have led to the appearance of such “mysterious” creatures. Moreover, modern scientists say: cyclopism, that is, the appearance of a single eye over nose bridge – one of the most likely mutations, like polyplodia – doubling of the chromosome set, causing gigantism and doubling organs. And huge human skeletons crowned with skulls with with one eye socket or with a double row of teeth, more than once archaeologists are at a standstill. In contrast to the giants on Earth appeared and dwarfs. One version says that modern pygmies in Africa and Tibetan ethnic groups dopa and hama – none other than direct descendants these little people. But perhaps the most noticeable today The manifestation of radioactive mutagenesis is Mongoloid. In in any case, as some scientists say. Now this race is the most common on Earth. Previously, the Mongoloids were still more – and they inhabited both Asia and Europe, and even Central Africa. HILL OF THE DEAD Need more evidence specific? No problem. Travel to Mohenjo Daro is capable of dispel the last doubts. The ruins of an ancient city at one of The islands of the Indus River were found only in 1922. Scientists right there They started talking about the discovery of a hitherto unknown ancient civilization – proto-indian. At the same time, they were perplexed: why about this unique nobody knew anything in the city? How it was destroyed and, most importantly, where did its inhabitants share? Researchers have not found any cemeteries around the city. But he existed as at least a millennium. The same few human the remains that could be found lay right in the middle of the streets: death caught them in place. No signs of violence, no wounds piercing or cutting objects.

Photos from open sources Mohenjo-Daro became a victim some unknown disaster – sudden and irreversible

One thing was clear: Mohenjo Daro was the victim of some unknown catastrophes – sudden and irreversible. But which one? In 1979 Englishman David Davenport and Italian Ettore Vincenti put forward his hypothesis of the death of the city: Mohenjo-Daro was hit by a nuclear bang! Moreover, they managed to scientifically support their incredible version. The researchers sent the so-called black stones, with which the bridge cities were dotted, to the University of Rome and to Laboratory of the National Research Council (Italy). AND it turned out: black stones are nothing but fragments of clay dishes sintered at a temperature of about 1,400-1,600 degrees, and then hardened. Scientists drew attention to the fact that the center of Mohenjo-Daro has been preserved much worse than the outskirts. Character the destruction allowed them to suggest that it was on the city center and the epicenter of a nuclear explosion. That’s why archaeologists don’t managed to find the remains of people there – they simply evaporated. ABOUT TIMES, ABOUT LIVES! So, there has already been a nuclear war. But who unleashed her? Why did it start? Unfortunately, the exact answer to this question does not exist: you cannot rely entirely on ancient traditions. However, re-reading them is still worth it. The ancient Indian epic “Mahabharata” claims that the inhabitants of the Earth – asuras – quarreled with the gods. They even call the reason for the contention: supposedly God stole a wife from the ruler of the asuras. This was hardly a true excuse for a fight, but the fact remains: most likely, earthlings quarreled with aliens. What did they not share? Spheres influence? Territories? .. According to another version put forward by the British physicist Dr. Lindon Meredith, people themselves unleashed a nuclear the war. According to Meredith, 30 million years ago on Earth already there was a human civilization developed so that mastered space – the entire solar system. But no matter how technically advanced man, he always remains a man – with his inherent greed, restraint, aggressiveness. Strife and contention led to an atomic war. Meredith sure that come down to us legends of Noah’s ark, the flooding of Atlantis, ancient legends of the American Indians about flying gods, tales of space battles in the Indian Upani Shads and Mahabharata – all these are the memories of those few who managed to survive in a terrible war. THANKS WHO CAN Other dates are called by researchers from NASA: according to their version, a nuclear war occurred 25 thousand years ago. Scientists were able to calculate the date by analyzing the walls of the same 120 km funnel in South Africa. They managed to determine and impact force: about 500 thousand tons of TNT. To to understand how much this is, it is worth recalling: they dropped on Hiroshima a bomb with a capacity of 20 thousand tons of TNT. Force the nuclear strike was such that the rotation of the Earth around of its axis: the waters of the oceans set in motion and swirl in giant whirlpool. That same notorious World began the flood. When the waters subsided, the surviving people set foot on the barren land: there was nowhere to hide from the coming nuclear winter. In desperation people went underground: a great many evidence of this multi-kilometer underground galleries dug around the world. Similar “bomb shelters” were found in the Perm region, in Altai, the Urals, the Tien Shan, the Caucasus, in the Sahara and Gobi deserts, in the Americas. It is curious that often these underground caves are connected to the surface of the earth by the so-called pipes – through holes of regular round shape. Official science considers them a product of geophysical processes occurring in rocks and soils. Those who think boldly are convinced: this laser marks by which the adversaries are aliens or themselves Earth-not-smoked each other from shelters. DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE IN living units remained. And their fate was unenviable: to them had to return to the caves. Gradually they forgot everything they knew once upon a time. And they remembered only one thing: knowledge is dangerous, it can be owned only a select few. As a rule, these “initiates” became worshipers. In 1966, American writer Thomas Andrews I heard one extremely curious confession from the yogi Pandid Kanyah: “Brahmin scholars from time immemorial were obliged to keep a lot information whose meaning they themselves did not understand. “They did not understand, but stored carefully ensuring that valuable information is not leaked into the world. The same politicians, without declaring their intentions, adhered to all who had access to the secret. The proof is seemingly absurd act of emperor Cheng Tang, who ruled in XVIII century BC e. One of his subjects built a flying chariot. But during the tests, the wind carried the aircraft to a neighboring the province. Upon learning of this incident, Cheng Tang ordered destroy the chariot so that its secret does not become known to the people. Not knowing the terrible prehistory of mankind, the emperor can easily ranked as orthodoxy that impedes progress. But taking on faith the fact that once humanity had already survived the nuclear war, you can simply applaud his foresight. Alas, you don’t conceal an awl in a bag: today humanity is developing in the same way a scenario that several tens of thousands of years ago. We fly to space, quarreling with its neighbors, threatening each other with the military actions. What to do so that a nuclear disaster does not break out again? Probably just think, stop … Or else rely on your own genetic memory in the hope that it does not let the nightmare happen again.

Africa War Water Stones Caves

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