The seven mysteries and secrets of the Mayan tribe

Seven mysteries and secrets of the Mayan tribeA photo from open sources Date December 10, 36 BC e. inextricably associated with the mysterious Mayan culture. This afternoon dates the first stele with a Mayan calendar date open on Excavations in Mexico. Scientists are still struggling over the clue of the calendar since Why there are only 260 days in it, why the Mayans called it “Traces God’s, and most importantly, is it true that it contains the exact date doomsday? There are no answers to these questions yet. The calendar has become one of the many secrets of the Mayans, the most interesting of which – in the selection “RG”. Manmade skulls of the Mayan Indians attributed to authorship discovered by archaeologists amazing skulls carved from quartz, amethyst and crystal. One of artifacts known as the “Skull of Fate” is stored in New York the museum. The skull has unusual optical properties. Placing under any light source can be seen like the eye sockets of the skull start to glow. If in place of a light source under the skull put a small object, then, peering into the eye sockets, you can discern this object inside the skull itself. Scientists can not yet explain how the Indians with jewelry precision and optical surprises turned these skulls. By the way, German the Nazis believed that whoever collects 13 of these skulls will gain power over the world. Cenotes One of the secrets of Maya is kept at the bottom wells. Special dips in the ground in which the underground water, were considered sacred by the Indians. Left there sacrifices through the Mayan wells kept in touch with the mystical the underworld. According to another version, of these failures, the Indians – famous astronomy lovers – watched the sun at its zenith. A column of sunlight plunged vertically into the water. It is noteworthy that now tourists can visit the cenotes. Some of them are open for diving. Bloodletting Indians Mayans remained in the legends a very bloodthirsty people. It is known that they made human sacrifices, pulled out the victims hearts and even, it seems, did not disdain cannibalism. And there is another Native American secret. Since modern scientists suggest that the Mayans were not cruel at all, but released blood people for sacred purposes, releasing and freeing the soul of the deceased. Another version, sacred – bloodletting changed the functioning of the brain, hallucinations appeared, which the Mayans considered visions from above. Game of Life Mayan football addictions are famous. However, scientists suspect that it was more than a sport. One by one of the versions, the Mayans drove a human skull covered in leather across the field, symbolizing the epic struggle of the forces of Light with evil gods. Moreover losers as a whole team were sacrificed. This spawned the second version, according to which Maya existed a kind Gladiator fights. And the captives of the Indians went on the field at the same time. Losers tied together and rolled up in numerous the steps of the temples. At the same time, there is already little to the bottom of the temple rolled in. Talking Crosses Another Mayan mystery is related to Christianity. In the temple buildings of the Indians in Palenque were Cross symbols found. According to legend, wooden crosses spoke with Maya and gave valuable guidance. For example, to fight with the pale-faced. Now these same crosses are in the Mexican Kitana Roo and still an object of worship. Just so far nothing they say. Native American astronauts In the same temple in Palenque was sarcophagus lid found, providing rich food for research famous ufologist Erich von Daniken. The fact is that on the lid Mayans portrayed a man (presumably) sitting in something, similar to a spaceship (presumably). Ufologist himself believed that this is a representative of the vanished Atlantean civilization in the cockpit of the aircraft of that time. Daniken even made out on the “pilot” seat belt. Some prefer more prosaic explanation: on the lid of the sarcophagus the priest-ruler Pacal on the way to Shibalba – the underworld. The origin of Maya The origin of the Maya Indians has always remained a headache anthropologists. When the tombs of the Indians were partially explored, it turned out that the Mayans buried their fellow tribesmen in sarcophagi, according to the principle of the Egyptians. Rich jewelry, symbolic items and carefully crafted death masks allowed scientists suggest that the ancestors of the Mayans could be Egyptians. What’s at the root changes the version of the origin of the tribe from Atlantis. And that means relatives of the Indians still live somewhere.

Water Sarcophagi Mayan Civilization

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