The skull of Arkaim was delivered to Ufa aliens

The skull of an Arkaim alien was brought to UfaPhoto from open sources

The story of the mysterious Arkaim find is increasingly growing fantastic, or even just mystical events. The other day skull of the skeleton of a Sarmatian woman found in one of Chelyabinsk mounds, delivered to Ufa – so that the famous anthropologist A. Nechvaloda recreated in sculpture the appearance of this archaic living around the second century AD.

However, along the way, a car with a skull of a Sarmatian priestess, like her archaeologists called, got into a serious accident: she faced oncoming cars – head-on. Both cars were badly damaged, however people, as they say, escaped with a slight fright, not at all suffered from this car accident and a mysterious load that scientists brought to Ufa.

Not in vain ufologists (British researchers were especially successful in this) believe that the Arkaim find is a skeleton of a buried once in Sarmatian steppe alien. First, she has an unusual elongated skull, secondly, she was buried very simply (wrapped in a piece of light cloth), but good preserved much better than neighboring burials in wooden coffins. Thirdly, it has perfectly smooth, completely non damaged teeth, although she, according to preliminary estimates, the moment of death was at least forty years old, which is also somewhat amazing And finally, Arkaim barrow, as it turned out, is very reminds megalithic in structure and purpose Stonehenge construction.

True, not all researchers consider the Sarmatian woman an alien, many believe that it was most likely a priestess or a sorceress who today has supernatural powers, what eloquently speaks of, for example, an accident on the M5 highway. Rather of all, the spirit of the priestess thereby wanted to warn scientists about something, while without punishing them for the free treatment of her remains. No wonder some researchers of this archaeological phenomenon have expressed the opinion that a Sarmatian woman just needs to be reburied, and with all the honors due to her.

The sculpture of the archaic will be ready in two months

Two months later, according to Alexey Nechvaloda himself, the head Arkaim women will be ready. In what form will she appear before it’s difficult for scientists to say, but archaeologists are sure that it will not be an alien, certainly, but an ordinary woman. By the way they say, an elongated skeleton skull, which ufologists cite as irrefutable argument in favor of the version of the alien the origin of the skeleton may just be a consequence of custom some ancient people from childhood wear a tight bandage for a similar deformation of the skull. What for? Perhaps it was a sign higher caste, belonging to a particular tribe, or maybe and imitation of aliens who might well have been in contact with people of that time, simpler and less aggressive than us are today.

Despite the fact that the sculptural head of an alien, the priestess or a simple sarmatka will be ready in two months, the townsfolk see her at the museum no earlier than summer. It was then that the researchers plan to put the Arkaim woman on public display – during all her beauty …


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