The theory of the origin and evolution of man is the most grandiose “scientific fake”

The theory of the origin and evolution of man is the most ambitiousA photo from open sources

Today, scientists independent of academic science, in particular, archaeologists and historians have already written thousands of works that prove that Darwin’s theory of the origin and evolution of man, to put it mildly, not true.

And it’s not even that since its inception, and then statements as the only correct and infallible, and not the missing link between the monkey and man was found. For these for almost two centuries, archeology has collected so many artifacts, which contradict the Darwinian doctrine of evolution, which seemed it would be necessary to discard this erroneous theory, which is not particularly even Darwin himself believed at the end of his life, and proceed to revising the history of mankind.

But no, this does not happen for many reasons, the main one which can be called the moral underdevelopment of modern society. By the way, for this reason, not only science suffers, Terrible things are happening to the earth, starting from stratification societies on poor and rich, well-fed and hungry (just imagine that in the modern world millions of people are still dying from starvation, while up to 50 percent produced food disappears, thrown into the landfill!), and ending an unbridled arms race that threatens to destroy our civilization.

The fact that archaeologists find undeniable artifacts highly developed civilizations that existed millions, even billions of years ago, other evidence of prosperity and death on our planet does not yet change the attitude of official science towards invented history and evolution of man, because behind all this is the power of the world elite, completely uninterested in mass education and self-awareness of people.

Today on the Internet you can find a lot of materials and even interesting documentaries on this topic. We will offer to see, from our point of view, the most successful a video that briefly, very intelligibly and at the same time while time is voluminous about the most grandiose “scientific fake” – theory the origin and evolution of man, about the silence of true history, about unique finds and artifacts that convincingly prove that we are not the only civilization that has been on Earth for all its existence.

By the way, we note that there is an opinion that thundered around the world the film “Avatar” is far from fiction, it just shows which was our Earth and its inhabitants in the distant past, and what happened with the planet actually due to aliens invading it. Can therefore, this motion picture so touched humanity: it awakened in each of us has a deep memory of past lives in a completely different world – spiritual and beautiful …

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