The unknown history of the Slavs in the works medieval historian

Confirmation of allegations that the history of Europe was rewritten in the interests of the Vatican and the ruling Romano-Germanic elites is the work of the Dalmatian historian Mavro Orbini (1563 (?) – 1610) “Slavic kingdom.” Orbini was a native of Dubrovnik, took office monk of the Order of Benedictines. People loved and respected him for wisdom, zeal, kindness, self-discipline and self-discipline. “North Legend “- painting by Konstantin Vasiliev (fragment), 1970 g.

A photo from open sources At that time for thinking people Slavic Dubrovnik one of the pressing topics was sad position of the Slavic world. Many nations have lost their independence, lost their identity. Following the command of the heart Mavro Orbini has decided to devote his life to creating encyclopedic work dedicated to the history of the Slavic clan. is he rummaged through the mass of sources existing at that time in monasteries and temples (the Catholic Church at that time was the keeper culture in Europe, retaining in its bowels part of the previous culture). Many materials have been found in Italian libraries, including in the famous library of the Duke of Urbinsky (her the founder was the Duke of Federigo dei Montefeltro), which was considered at that time one of the greatest repositories of documents, books. In a special building, hundreds of Latin, Greek, Jewish sources. After Orbini’s death, part of this library was lost, some fell into the archives of the Vatican. His labors did not pass for nothing, he discovered a lot of references to the Slavs, who in currently unknown to a wide range of Russians, Slavs of the world. So, he included in his work direct and indirect quotes of approximately 330 works – more than 280 he mentions himself (in the preliminary work list), about 50 more can be found in the text. Interesting point danger to the Vatican, the backstage of the time is the fact that Orbini’s work got into the Index two years after its publication forbidden books. But labor has not sunk into oblivion, a hundred years later a diplomat from Dubrovnik in the service of Peter the Great Savva Raguzinsky-Vladislavich (he is also known for the fact that in 1705 brought to the Russian tsar arapchonka Ibrahim) presented a copy “Slavic Kingdom” Peter I. In 1722, this book in abbreviated form form, translated by Savva, was published in St. Petersburg. Monk Paisiy Hilendarsky wrote on its basis the famous “Slavic-Bulgarian history. “Used the work of Orbini and Vasily Tatishchev. In more in later times, the work of Mavro Orbini was unjustly forgotten. The work of Orbini is important for us in that it gives us information about the Slavs from sources that are little known or even lost. Largely Orbini’s work confirms the conclusions made by Yu.D. Petukhov in fundamental work “History of Russ” and “Roads of the Gods.” is he believed that the proto-Indo-Europeans, Indo-Europeans are Rus, Proto-Aryans. The modern Russian people are their direct continued evidence of this can be found in mythology, anthropology, linguistics, toponymy, archeology, DNA genealogy and in other sciences related to history. According to medieval to the sources that Mavro Orbini studied (I repeat that some of them irretrievably lost, while others are stored in the Vatican library), Slavs fought with almost all the peoples of the world. They ruled Asia North Africa occupied most of modern Europe. Exactly they destroyed the Roman Empire. Entered the modern edited story as “Germanic tribes” – francs, yutes, Angles, Saxons, Vandals, Lombards, Goths, Alans, etc. They founded their kingdoms throughout Europe: from North Africa (Vandals-Wends-Venets) and Spain to the British Isles. Slavs founded almost all the royal and noble families of Europe, for example the first princely family of modern France – the Merovingian dynasty (founder Prince Merovey). And the Franks-Wransz themselves are a union raven-tribal tribes. According to Orbini, Scandinavia has also been populated by Slavs, and current Swedes, Danes, Norwegians, Icelanders and other “German-Scandinavian peoples” are direct descendants Slavs.

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