The unsolved mysteries of Atlantis

A photo from open sources Atlantis – a huge island or mainland, once existed in the Atlantic Ocean west of Of Gibraltar. The earliest mentions of Atlantis are works ancient Greek philosopher Plato. 12 thousand years ago Atlantis was a fairly large island, rich in minerals and variety of fauna and flora. The head of the country was Atlas (Greek Atlas, hence the name of the island of Atlantis. Atlantes possessed very good knowledge and unattainable in our knowledge time. Why did the island go to the ocean? According to many scientists the reason was an earthquake that split the island into several parts. The Atlanteans themselves predicted the catastrophe. Why they don’t her escaped, and with the island went to the bottom? The riddle. But special caste custodians were sent to neighboring lands to transfer knowledge. Where is the hypothetical Atlantis located? There are many opinions. But they all contradict Plato’s well-known Dialogs, in which describes a more plausible theory of finding Atlantis. According to Plato: Atlantis is an island, it surpasses its the size of Libya and Asia and went under water 10-12 thousand years ago. By According to the thinker, the island was beyond the Strait of Gibraltar. there is on Earth, another island that is very similar to ancient Atlantis – This is modern Antarctica. By area exactly, such as described Plato: a huge island whose glaciation began around 8-12 thousand years ago. The island is currently covered in a thick layer. ice. To find out what relief the island had, you need to look maps of 15-16 centuries compiled by Piri Reis. He with big details indicated on the maps of the coastline and relief. Another map in 1531 published by the French geographer Orondius Phinea. He accurately depicted the ice-free mainland Antarctica. The configuration of the mainland corresponded to the cards, obtained as a result of modern research. With help seismic sensing confirmed details hidden under the ice, but indicated on old maps. Those. existed before civilization that made maps before the glacier of the mainland Antarctic. About 10-12 thousand years ago on Earth, disaster, climate changed, the earth began to become covered with ice. More the Subpolar Lands, whose inhabitants had nowhere to live, suffered the most to retreat and retreat, and civilization perished. But a hundred it was for civilization? There are many legends about her. It is rich with high knowledge of the island country – Atlantis. Ancestors of the Atlanteans consider Egyptians and American Indians, and even Slavs. With the name of Atlantis and the sunken technique of Atlanta sometimes connect observations of underwater UFO in the Atlantic and the mysterious disappearance in the Bermuda area the triangle. In 1992, in the center of the Bermuda Triangle at the bottom Ocean discovered pyramid larger than the pyramid Cheops. According to many sources, the surface of the pyramid is similar to vitreous substance. No more data about this property has been reported.

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