The worst catastrophe in the history of the Earth

A photo from open sources

The history of the Earth has millions and billions of years. But it would be a mistake to imagine the development of life on the planet as continuous straightforward process directed strictly upward. Were at process periods of severe fall, when literally from the face of the Earth most species of animals and plants disappeared. Scientists called these eras are “mass extinction.” During the most terrible extinctions up to 60% of all species of plant and animal organisms died, inhabiting the planet. Every time after the disaster, the Earth needed millions of years to restore the biosphere. The extent of the disasters is not always been the same. Therefore, the number of extinctions in various sources ranges from 5 to 10. But the most disastrous, that’s all scientists are unanimous, it was the so-called Permian Extinction 250 million years ago. Nothing, even close similar, planet experienced neither before nor after. Photos from open sources

It all started with the death of forests. They almost disappeared. Killed 97 % of all deciduous trees. The earth has turned into a desert. The plant world has become a world of mushrooms that feed on dead wood. The disappearance of forests in the most disastrous way affected the animal a world that was left without food. More than 90% of all species became extinct animals. Virtually all marine species and all terrestrial species have disappeared. invertebrates. Perm extinction is the only one during which the insect world almost died (83%). Even the world has suffered microorganisms. The cause of the disaster was a massive eruption. volcanoes located in the territory of present Siberia, poisonous emissions which poisoned the planet’s water and air. Discarded volcanoes, gases and ashes covered the sun. Temperature became fast go down. Abrupt climate change has killed flora and fauna the planet.

A photo from open sources But what was the impetus for such a stormy seismic activity? Scientists believe that the trigger It was the fall of a giant meteorite. Under the ice shell Antarctica found a crater with a diameter of more than 500 km. Impact force at the collision was equivalent to the simultaneous explosion of several hundreds of thousands of atomic bombs. It was this collision that caused Permian extinction. Life on the planet revived literally with a clean slate. Only after 30 million years on the planet again forests rustled, sea and land became inhabited. It was the most a terrible, but not the last disaster in the history of the Earth. Each of them changed life beyond recognition. Replaced disappeared appeared new types of organisms, new forms of life. And we can only to guess: what was life on the planet before an unknown artist washed off the painting he painted from the canvas of the Universe of the world and painted it again?

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