Then the sons of God saw the daughters human

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Perhaps the answer lies in the scattered books of ancient chronicles and chronicles reports of “miraculous celestial phenomena”, “Angels and sons of God” descending from heaven and fellowship with by people. Chroniclers, ancient historians, compilers speak about this. The bible. Collected together, their observations make you think. For example, the ancient Roman historian Plutarch tells how in the 1st century BC e. troops met in Phrygia (Asia Minor) the famous military leader Lucullus and the head of the Spanish rebel sertoria. The ranks went at each other, before the collision there was very little left, when suddenly … the sky opened, appeared a large fiery body that swiftly rushed to the ground. On the “shaving flight” it flew between rows of opponents, and then rose up and disappeared into the sky. In appearance, Plutarch writes, it it looked like a wide barrel, and the color – molten silver. Frightened by such a mysterious sign, the soldiers did not dare to enter into battle and parted. This description looks like modern posts about UFOs? Perhaps somewhere in the archives of an unknown planet is stored the image of the ranks of the ancient Roman legionnaires led by Lucullus … A similar event is described by Homer in the Iliad, telling about the great the war between the Greeks and the Trojans in the 13th century BC. e. During the battle “a bright star sent by Zeus” fell among the fighters, leading shelves in amazement. UFO reports are also available in medieval chronicles. Benvenuto Chel-Line, the famous Italian sculptor and Renaissance artist, tells how one day he, along with buddy went from Florence to Rome. It was already dark when they ended up in the mountains surrounding the city. Turning around, both screamed from amazement: “God of heaven, where is it great over Florence a log of fire that sparkles and emits bright light ?! “. Russian the chronicle reports: January 25, 1677 happened in Ustyug the Great a terrible fire – the entire city center disappeared in flames. And suddenly among of fire over the church of St. Barbara something huge appeared, similar to the moon, and stood motionless over the blazing city for two whole hours. A then quickly ascended into heaven and disappeared. But what tells the prophet Ezekiel about the events that took place at the beginning of the VI century BC. e.: “I was among the immigrants on the river Khovar, when the heavens opened and I saw the appearance of God … a great cloud and swirling fire, and radiance around it. From the middle of the fire the likeness of four animals – and their appearance was like that of a man … and each – four wings. And human hands were under their wings. AND “their wings touched one another, and two covered their bodies.” After the first meeting, Ezekiel already calls the aliens not “animals” and “cherubs.” They act as before: raise saggy wings and with a terrible roar fly up with full-eyed wheels head for glory flying over them Lord. “What could another person tell VI century BC. E. Even about hot-air balloon? How else could he describe a UFO? The Prophet says that “animals” or “cherubs” are humanlike. But maybe on the contrary, a man who mysteriously arose on earth Cro-Magnon, “cherub-like”? The answer to this question may be contained in Bible: “Then the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they beautiful, and they took them as their wife, which one chose … Sons of God began to go in to the daughters of men, and they began to give birth to them … This strong, ancient glorious people. “Thus, the text of the Bible indicates direct sexual contacts of highly developed “sons Of God’s people. It also tells about the heavenly Angels, who visited the righteous Lot in the city of Sodom. They looked so much like people that homosexuals from Sodom tried to rape the Angels, and they barely escaped in Lot’s house, punishing perverts with blindness (this could be done, for example, by a laser beam). When the dawn came The angels began to rush Lot: get up, take your wife and two your daughters, so as not to die for the iniquity of the city (Genesis, ch. 19, Art. fifteen). And the men took his hand, and his wife, and two daughters – and put him outside the city. One of the Angels said: save your soul, do not look back, save the mountain so that you don’t die. And the Lord poured brimstone on Sodom and Gomor-ru and fire from heaven … As you can see, the Bible describes a situation that it could have taken place in our time. And the angels find themselves “humanoid” … But in those days of old, UFO problems and there were no “aliens” at all. Now the facts are quite can be interpreted as evidence of close contact of people of the past with highly developed creatures. Recall that at the scale of the universe, which is 17 billion years old, our civilization has even arisen not yesterday, but a microsecond back. Perhaps more ancient civilizations actively influence the life of other planets, including the development of highly organized earthlings? And the human genetic code partially borrowed from space aliens?

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