There was a single civilization on Earth

There was a single civilization on EarthA photo from open sources

The famous Arab scholar Abu Balkhi (IX-X centuries) wrote that on the eve of the flood, the sages, foreseeing the catastrophe, “built in the Lower Egypt has many pyramids … Inside these pyramids were drawn various information about the amazing knowledge that they wanted save the sages. “Another Arab historian, Masudi, Based on sources that have not reached us, he wrote: “Surid, one of the kings who lived before the flood built two large pyramids and ordered priests to hide in them records of their knowledge and what they have achieved in various arts and sciences so that they survive for those who then he can understand them. He also recorded the position of the stars, their cycles. “The ancient Egyptian historian Manetho reports texts, containing important knowledge that as the catastrophe approached recorded by a semi-legendary personality – the sage Totkh. Later Toth entered the pantheon of Egyptian gods as the god of knowledge, who gave people writing. These texts, according to Manetho, “made on the sacred language and the sacred signs of Toth, the first Hermes, were translated after the flood … and written in hieroglyphs. “The historian and ancient scholar Josephus wrote about the sages who “invented the science of celestial bodies and their structure. “They were in advance warned of an impending disaster, of the death “partly from force fire, partly due to the huge amount of water. “” so that their inventions are not forgotten and do not die earlier than with them people meet, they erected two pillars – one brick, another stone – and wrote down on them a message about his invention. The latter was done so that in case of death a brick pillar during a flood of stone, remaining unscathed, would give people the opportunity to read the inscription. “According to Flavia, a stone pillar existed in his time, i.e. in the 1st century The ancient Greek scholar Strabo reports some texts, written before the flood that survived in his time on Iberian Peninsula. Celtic priests – druids – alluded to some “Ferilt’s books”, annals written supposedly before the disaster. IN Indian holy books Agni Purana and Bhagavata Purana also speaks of books of knowledge – the Vedas, which were saved during the disaster. That people tried to keep records of of its achievements on the eve of the disaster, says the Babylonian historian and priest Beros (3rd century BC): “When King Xysutros was warned of the impending flood, he commanded to write a “story the beginning, flow, and completion of all things “and bury this story in the city of the sun of Sippar. “After the flood, Xisuthros and his companions “opened books in Sippar, wrote many new books, built temples and again founded Babylon. “In one of the cuneiform texts King Ashurbanipal noted that he likes to read texts, “written in the era before the flood. “It can be assumed that some of the knowledge survived the disaster and later became the property of those who escaped. “Ah Solon, Solon!” Said the Egyptian priests to Solon. “You, Greeks, forever remain children, and there is no old man among the Hellenes. “Priests told Solon about the disaster that destroyed the urban population, located on the coast of seas and rivers, when only Boots and pastoralists in the mountains, only illiterate and unlearned. “You start all over again, as if just born, nothing knowing what happened in ancient times. “Isn’t it absurd a similar assumption – the death of a certain civilization, regression, rare islands of light surrounded by darkness and wildness, dying out one by one to others? However, even from a closer history we know numerous examples of partial disappearance, attenuation of knowledge. IN XIV-XV centuries Norman settlements existed in North America. Immigrants were able to smel and process metals. But when their communication with the homeland was interrupted and they were assimilated the tribes that surrounded them, located at a much lower stages of development, this knowledge was lost forever. IN the Stone Age reigned again in this area. Photos from open sources In the city of Tiahuanaco, in the Andes, once there lived a people who knew astronomy well, who studied the motion of heaven shone. There are reports that the Spanish conquistadors found here on some gigantic stone statues cast silver jewelry weighing up to half a ton. But there were no inhabitants in the city itself. Tribes who lived in the vicinity, lived in reed huts. They are absolutely did not know either the smelting of metals, or astronomy. Main their food was rhizomes of algae. Or another example. Once Māori were a great people – seafarers of the Pacific Ocean. However, having settled in New Zealand, they lost this art more and more until the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of seafarers did not completely forget him. Like that historians and ethnographers denote the phenomenon of “secondary wildness. “Such a cultural regression can be seen in different peoples. Tribes returning to their primeval state known in Southeast Asia. The peoples of Congo and Angola once had their writing, and then lost it. Also had and irrevocably Inca lost their writing. Maya is not considered at all knew the wheels. But how to understand then this fact: during the excavations were strange toys found – trolleys on four wheels made of burnt clay. Perhaps this is only a memory of the time when here both wheels and the cart were known. This knowledge, like many others, could be lost. Historians often have to state this the phenomenon is regression. It happens that the natural disaster. “We believe that the Sumerian-Babylonian flood tradition connected with real events, – writes Soviet researcher I.S. Shreds. – The flood (or a series of floods) undoubtedly caused terrible destruction and led to the temporary degradation of society. ” Photo from open sources Another example from the same series. Three s half a thousand years ago, Crete was the center of Minoan culture. Cities flourished, palaces and temples were erected. In 1450 BC “a distraught element hit the island. Volcanoes gurgled, earthquakes followed one after another, giant waves surging on the horizon, rushed to the defenseless shore “with the speed of battle chariots, “says the ancient authors. With these disastrous events modern scholars associate the sunset with the Minoan culture. Vague memories of some knowledge lost after the disaster, came to us in various texts. Native American the holy book “Popol-Vuh” reports that the first people “succeeded in knowledge of everything that exists in the world. When they looked around, they immediately saw and contemplated from top to bottom the vault of heaven and the insides of the earth. They even saw things hidden in the deep in the dark. They immediately saw the whole world, not even making an attempt move; they saw him from where they were. Was great their wisdom … “But the gods muttered:” Do they also have to become deities? .. Do they have to become equal to us? “And then jealous the gods robbed people of their high abilities and knowledge. Message about the loss of some high knowledge as a result of the disaster reached us and in a symbolic, traditionally encrypted form. “He defeated their enemies, one ancient Egyptian text reads, and tasted them knowledge “. The expression” to taste “in the meaning of” to know “we find in The bible. It speaks of a certain symbolic tree, having “tasted” the fruits which, people could become “like gods who know good and evil”, i.e. to join some higher knowledge. And when contrary to the ban the first people ate from this tree, god, like to the ancient Mexican gods, was angry: “Here Adam became like one of Us, knowing good and evil; and now, no matter how he stretched out his hands, and neither did he take from the tree of life, nor did he eat, and did not live forever. ” Photos from open sources The tree of knowledge as a symbol we we meet with a variety of peoples – and in ancient Babylon, and Aztecs. Irish folklore speaks of Thomas, who found the gift clairvoyance, having tasted the fruit of this tree. It is under the tree Buddha “enlightened” when the highest the meaning of being and the highest wisdom. Indian tradition often portrays the god Vishnu is also under the tree, under the so-called space tree, fruits which is symbolized by higher knowledge, knowledge of the past and of the future. In Japan, this role is played by an orange tree, in China – the cassia tree, in the Middle East – sycamore, among the druids – oak, etc. But here is the characteristic: every time with the tree of knowledge connected symbol of disaster, a symbol of a snake, water or dragon. Other in words, a serpent (dragon), water and a tree are certainly combined. So in Galician traditions about the sacred tree, the fruits of which bestow supernatural knowledge and wisdom, it is said that the path to it blocks the dragon living in the lake. In Greek myths, the serpent Ladon guards the tree of Zeus, bearing golden fruits. To get these fruits, Hercules had to kill a snake. So does the the ancient Egyptian Naneferkaptah, who killed the “immortal serpent”, the guard books of magical knowledge. This image we find in Sumer. By Buddhist tradition, in India, Japan and China it is believed that snakes The naga, symbolizing the flood, the “great water”, inhabit the lake, blocking the path to the sacred tree. Tasted the fruits with this tree receives “supernatural vision, everything is revealed to him past”. Photos from open sources No exceptions and traditions pagan Slavs: on the island of Buyan lives the fiery snake of Garafen. She guards anatyr stone, the center of wisdom and magic knowledge. That stone lies under the oak. Similarly, in ancient Mexico the path to the sacred cactus growing on the shore of the lake blocks god of water and flood Tlaloc living in the lake. So everywhere serpent symbol of the flood, disaster, as if blocking the path to the symbol of knowledge – to the sacred tree of knowledge. Perhaps associated with this symbolism and the fact that among the Aztecs their lost ancestral home Tamoanman meant image of a broken tree. However, as we have seen, from the messages ancient authors it is clear that some of the knowledge was saved. Amid the general savagery and barbarism, their guardians obviously became limited, closed groups of people. In the British Isles it is there were druids, in India – brahmins, in Egypt – those whom we conditionally call the priests. Later, when the state arose here, they really constituted in him a priestly estate, which asserted its dominance, using the monopoly of knowledge. Many millennia from generation to generation, the ancients passed on knowledge kept in deep secrecy. In one of the Egyptian sanctuaries priests showed Herodotus 341 statue of the high priests, successively replacing each other. As Herodotus believed, the period this one spanned 11,340 years. In other words, the successive priestly the caste was supposed to date back to times far from the date alleged disaster. It can be assumed that such groups keepers of past knowledge tried to speed up the slow process the evolution of humanity, telling people the practical information which they could perceive. We find the memory of this in different peoples in the form of memories of certain enlighteners who appeared no one knows where they brought them knowledge from. Photo from open sources First of all, of course, comes to mind the legendary Prometheus, who taught people how to use fire. But Prometheus was not alone. In South America, the first Inca, the legendary Manko Kapak, who arrived from overseas, taught the surrounding tribes agriculture and crafts. God Bochika, who came from the East in the image a bearded old man brought people a calendar. Itsamna (Yucatan), or Same (South America), also arrived from the east, from overseas, taught the population to engage in agriculture and cattle breeding, make bridges and cut trees. He, according to legend, brought writing. But above all these figures of enlightenment towers the hero of the Mexican epic Quetzalcoatl, who came from the east and brought knowledge of metallurgy and agriculture. Messages about we find similar enlighteners among the peoples of the South and the Front Of Asia. Babylonian historian Beros, endowing with fantastic features a certain creature named Oannes wrote that it periodically I came to people and gave them a lot of useful information. Oannes taught people, according to Beros, “understand writing and taught them various arts. He taught them to build cities and build temples, make laws and explained them the laws of geometric knowledge. “Useful: By visiting a specialized resource, you will learn where to write a complaint about utilities and other services whose work you are not satisfied. A few interesting details. Oannes arrived from somewhere because of the sea, he could not eat the food that the rest ate Babylonian inhabitants. He spent the day on the shore, at night returned to the depths of the sea, because there was a half-man half-fish and could breathe underwater. Similar stories about enlightenment aliens also existed in Egypt. Once, it says a legend, in the Nile Valley, someone appeared, tall and dark, trained those who lived there in agriculture and irrigation, construction, calendar, music and medicine. His name was Osiris. Where he appeared with his wife Isis, according to tradition, in the memory of this event the city of Thebes was founded. Early Christian the apocryphal “Book of Enoch” also contains information about some creatures, bringing people knowledge. The author of these notes calls them angels. “Azazel taught people how to make swords, and knives, and shields, and armor, and taught them to see what was behind them. Barackell – Observing Over stars, Kokabel – signs, and Tempel taught observation over stars, and Asradel taught the movement of the moon. ” Photos from open sources About such educators, “sons of Heaven”, mention ancient Chinese texts – the Taoist canon “Daojing” and “Records of generations of lords and kings.” Among them, one woman led observation of the sun, “based on the length of the shadow”; the other is for the moon is emerging and at the end, beyond its quarters and full moons, the third – behind the movement of the stars, another brought it all together, making a calendar. “Among the inhabitants of Easter Island there is a legend about the great enlightener god Mack Mack who was the king of the islands Motu Mario Khiva sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Gods of samoa like says the legend, reached the islands, also coming from some distant places This statement reinforces a significant detail. On my way Enlightenment gods saw a heaven above them with an arrangement stars other than over Samoa. You can see other constellations only moving from one hemisphere to another. That some may real people were elevated to the rank of gods, should not surprise us. History knows the facts of such deification enlightening heroes. The mariner Cadmus, for example, brought in Greece writing, was officially elevated to the rank of demigod. The Egyptians, Francis Bacon wrote, “endowed with divinity and the holiness of the inventors of things. “Be that as it may, information about some Enlighteners – knowledge carriers – are ubiquitous. Ancient knowledge relate to such areas as the idea of ​​the nature of things, about matter. Modern science has come to the conclusion of eternity and indestructibility of matter. However, the perception that had with this a lot in common, existed before the beginning of our era. “Chaldeans say, we read at Diodorus of Sicily, that the matter of the world eternal and that it will never be destroyed. “To the Chaldeans same, i.e. to the inhabitants of Babylon, may rise, and another representation of the ancients – the doctrine of the smallest particle of all that exists, about the atom. We find this idea in two civilizations separated by many thousands of kilometers: in ancient India and in Greece. Here two points are important, and it’s hard to say which one is more important – the fact itself the existence of such representations or their appearance in two such distant civilizations? Secret and Lost Later knowledge is preserved in sources such as fairy tales, conspiracies, etc. The study of conspiracies and talismans of some Caucasian tribes discovered an amazing fact: back in the last century there the names of the sanctuaries of Urartu and the sanctuaries even related to pre-Urartian times (an era remote for 3,000 years). And in Russian folk conspiracies from fever, evil eyes and others are not found only obvious traces, but even individual words of Old Assyrian spells. In what ways, when did they get on Russian soil? Obviously the same as other knowledge passing from mouth to mouth and secretly transmitted for millennia. Photos from open sources Inexplicable, sudden and universal are some other knowledge of the ancients. Such, for example, an idea of ​​the very initial state of our planet – until the birth of her life. The ancient Sumerians believed that once in the world there was only the sea, from which the earth later rose. This is indeed claimed the Phoenician tradition. In all ancient Egyptian texts we are also talking about some primary ocean that covered the world and from which life subsequently arose. Rigveda (India) says that the world came from water, “from the great water that filled Universe. “The ancient Chinese texts claim the same thing – at the beginning began the whole earth was covered with water. We find the same idea and in the traditions of the peoples living on the islands of Oceania, among the pagan Slavs, among the Buryats and other peoples of Siberia, among the Indians of both Americas, among Sumerians, Assyrians, Mayans, Polynesians, Hittites, African tribes and in ancient Peru. What about the Bible? It also says that once all The earth was covered with water. “And God said: Let there be firmament in the midst water. “It is extremely unlikely that such a single cosmological a concept could arise in different parts of the Earth on its own. More likely to suggest, as with other knowledge, the existence of a single source of these ideas. In favor of this assumptions, in addition to the facts listed above, speak equally well. meaningful and no less strange coincidences associated with the calendar. In the Middle East, in Ancient Egypt and India, the year divided into 12 months. But why is the same division of the year existed on the other side of the Atlantic, even in South America? A closer look reveals the analogy even more fully. At Maya year consisted of 360 days, to which was added 5 more unhappy, or nameless days. During these five days not laws were observed, it was possible not to repay a debt, to deceive, etc. Exactly the same custom existed in ancient Egypt, in Babylon and further east – in India. Moreover, both in Europe and in ancient Peru New Year began at the same time – in September. Holy traditions and myths on both sides of the Atlantic claimed that time of existence humanity is divided into four eras, and now the world has entered last, IV era. Photos from open sources Zodiac signs – one of the oldest astral symbols. From the beginning, they were known in Sumer, India, China. And also, and this is the most amazing thing in America. Moreover, the Eurasian and American options coincide in 9 characters. from 12. As you can see, this kind of analogy and high knowledge constantly close. And this is very significant. However can can such striking analogies be explained by mere coincidence? “It seems clear to me,” wrote the famous German researcher A. Humboldt – what monuments, methods time counting, cosmogony systems and many myths of America, which are striking analogies to the ideas in East Asian, point to ancient ties, and are not just the result of the general conditions in which all nations are at dawn civilization. “The presence of some kind of connection between very distant areas of the world and in the most ancient periods seem to be becoming more obvious. These contacts stretch from Southeast Asia through Pacific Ocean to the American coast, from India to the North and South America, from Europe to South America and Yucatan. It is these early connections and can explain the amazing analogies of those high knowledge and perceptions that we find among the peoples removed many tens of thousands of kilometers apart. But the contacts themselves, showing only the migration of ideas and the movement of ideas, not point to the primary source of these ideas and ideas. As far as as science accumulates more and more information and facts about the past, thought the existence of such a civilization seems less and less fantastic. “Archeology and ethnography of the last half century, – notes professor at Princeton University, J. Campbell, – found that the ancient civilizations of the Old World – Egypt, Mesopotamia, Crete and Greece, India and China – originate in a single basis and that this unity of origin explains the unity of their mythological and ritual structures. ” Photos from open sources It can be assumed that all these puzzles are simply explained: once upon a time there existed on Earth single civilization. But where exactly? Time and the elements have done everything so that today we cannot answer this question. But is it worth it wonder if the events are much closer to us historical realities are sometimes forgotten and knowledge about them lost? From whole nations and kingdoms sometimes nothing remains a name accidentally mentioned in any of the ancient texts. Search the origins of this alleged civilization are all the more difficult what kind of the millennia that separate us from the possible time of its existence, many areas of land sank to the bottom of the oceans and seas. Such disappearing territories, occupying apparently vast spaces still in the memory of mankind existed, for example in The Atlantic. So, about some land located in the Atlantic ocean, wrote Plato. According to him, this huge island “donkey from earthquakes and left behind impenetrable silt, obstructing swimmers get from here to the outer sea, so that they go further cannot. “In doing so, Plato refers to the Greek philosopher Solon, who traveled to Egypt and received this information from the Egyptian priests. As you might guess, we are talking about the legendary Atlantis. Photos from open sources It is interesting in this case that legend of land plunged to the seabed, exist not only among European peoples, but also among the peoples of the Pacific the ocean. So, according to the legends of the inhabitants of the islands located to southwest of New Zealand in ancient times the ocean was swallowed lands of Ka-Hopo-o-Kahn (The body of the god Kanah). In Polynesian myths often some kind of “Great Land” is mentioned. Easter residents talk about lands plunged to the bottom of the ocean Motu-Mario-Khiva. There are messages and about some land that disappeared in the Indian Ocean. So, in antique authors can be read about a certain land jumper connecting once India and Africa. About some big island in Indian the ocean, located south of the equator, wrote Pliny. About balances sushi in the indian ocean was also mentioned by medieval arab historians. Vague memories of land in the Indian Ocean, about the legendary mainland of Lemuria can be found in historical traditions South India. “Tamilaham, or the homeland of Tamil, – says the Indian historian M.S.P. Pilai – in the distant past was in the south area of ​​the big island of Navalam, which was one of the first lands that appeared near the equator. Lemuria also entered the lost continent, the former cradle of human civilization. “These evidence is confirmed in finds of recent years. So, a number of linguists have found the similarity of the Dravidian languages ​​of the South India and East African languages. The flora and fauna of these places also testify to the existence of once vast land areas. Whatever it was, but the high knowledge that fell into the hands of the ancients were transferred to them in envelopes without a return address. A maybe it’s just all too far from us, and so we have not we can neither see the erased inscriptions nor read the blurry ones row time.

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