This world is not invented by us.

Ancient scientists were convinced that life on Earth directly depends on the energies of space, periodically changing their character.

The fact that our world is filled with rhythms, we know from our own experience: rhythms of the heart and breathing, daily, monthly, annual. Them associated with the rotation of the Earth, with the moon and the sun. We guess about longer periods – 7- and 12-year-olds. And the story hints also centennial: materialism and rationalism prevailing in the middle of every century, with a mysterious pattern replaced romanticism and mystical moods at the turn of the century.

This world is not invented by us.A photo from open sources

Five hundred year old rhythms are associated with the Great Parades of the planets – once in 480-500 years of the planet of the solar system accumulate on one side of our luminary, summing up its impact. And every time this event marks a turning point in the history of mankind. Lasts like that the parade is only a few years old, but it releases the accumulated hidden forces by humanity and, as it were, programming our fate civilization five centuries ahead.

The Age of Extremes

The ancients were convinced that there were even longer cycles – the so-called era. According to ancient tradition, they alternate like inhaling and exhaling: active is replaced by passive. If with attention relate to the ideas of the ancestors, you can see that for eras passive characterized by “female” qualities: self-deepening, passive perception of the world, attempts to unite (synthesis). Humanity feels the world as a given and tries not so much to remake it, how much to comprehend and adapt. But in the active era (analysis) dominated by “male” traits: the desire to actively influence the world around, destroy, dismember, transform, rebuild everything and everything.

One of the first “female” eras in the history of mankind was the era Gemini, 7-5th millennium BC Its result is the occurrence written language, allowing you to communicate at a distance, save and combine knowledge. She was replaced by the “male” era of Taurus (5–3 millennium BC), the era of the primary development of nature. Era analysis over time loses its supply of energy, and it is replaced by another synthesis attempt. The “female” era of Aries (3rd to 1st millennium BC) – a time of a synthetic world view. Mathematics and poetry, astronomy and medicine, art and religion – everything in this era was perceived as something whole and united by the concept “philosophy”.

But humanity went forward, accumulating knowledge. And even the most universal genius could no longer be a specialist in all areas, he simply did not have enough life for this. And the next “man’s” began era. “I have not come to bring peace, but a sword, for I have come divide … “I do not exclude that among the many meanings of these words Christ is also such: this is a capacious characteristic of the coming era. It is significant that the birth of Christ coincided with the parade of planets – according to in fact, the first programming point of the era of separation. And not by chance its symbol was the sign of Pisces. Two fish swimming in different directions symbolize the energy of separation and opposition!

The revolutionary discoveries of Copernicus, J. Bruno, Galileo stunned and brought confusion to the minds of Europeans: the earth revolves around the sun, The universe is infinite! With this began the third “five-hundred-year-old” new era. Victorious procession of science and analytical methods of cognition in all areas of life. In these centuries, aspiration dominated put everything on the shelves, organize world chaos, clearly, once and forever separate true from false, good from bad, beautiful from the ugly, holy from sinful.

And it is not surprising that attempts to identify certain universal laws nature led to the fact that the so-called law was formulated duality. We know it as the law of duality, binary, polarity, unity and struggle of opposites. Yang is yin, good is evil, light – darkness, spiritual – material, plus – minus, bad – well, creation is destruction, future is past, birth is death, order – chaos, etc. Two extremes are somewhat reminiscent of two the walls of the dark corridor. Reaching into the right, then into the left wall, even a blind man can more or less successfully move in the right direction.

Departing in the past, this one has fulfilled its task: by “specialization” was able to deepen the knowledge of mankind in a variety of areas, helped to accumulate colossal amounts of information. Binary logic underlies all computer and digital technology.

But this is only at first glance binary – a harmless philosophical or math category. Yes-no logic aimed at search for absolute truth and absolute rightness (or wrongness), cultivated by totalitarian regimes. Her task is to instill the community a certain type of thinking, personal and group egoism, which is manifested in the opposition of “I” and “they” (or “we” and “they are”). They are those who disagree with us, internal and external enemies dissenters. They can be attributed to the unpopular among the people measures, and their failure, to justify irresponsibility and selfishness of rulers.

Bivalent logic supports the basis of totalitarian thinking – logical fatalism, the main principle of which is the exception third. Or or. There are no intermediate states. All the contradictions – only antagonistic. Hence the practical consequences: “Who not with us, he is against us! ”

Today we have reached the peak – the cult of reason and logical constructions, the cult of facts and technologies. We have achieved excellence in ability to destroy and destroy. Atom fission – an invasion already in other dimensions and worlds – became the apotheosis of the era of separation.

And … losses were revealed. The world was scattered dissected. There are already hundreds of disciplines in science (only in geology) today about 170 independent sections), specialists of different areas of knowledge have ceased to understand each other. How exactly characterized the end of this era the founder of the theory of physical structures professor Yuri Kulakov: “Science has really become productive force, but stopped looking for Truth. Joyless rationalism, trying to formalize everything, translate into a dead language algorithms made Truth unattractive. ”

In an obvious decline and spiritual culture, lost its main core – value reference points. The criteria of good and evil are blurred, under a kind of pluralism blooms indifference to vice. Nature is no longer withstand the onslaught of man.

What can be opposed to the destructive influence of the bivalent the logic?

The wisdom of the ancients

The Holy Trinity. Artist Jeronimo Cosida. XVI c

A photo from open sources

The famous Danish physicist Niels Bohr (1885-1962) when visiting Moscow University left on the wall of the Department of Theoretical Physics is a very seditious inscription for Soviet ideology: “Opposites do not contradict, but complement each other.”

The era of separation ends. She is being replaced by another era synthesis. No, she does not reject duality, but conceptualizes it otherwise. And takes the next step in understanding the world. Scientists on the new level return to the law of trinity, revered by the ancients wise men. This law implies not so much antagonism. paired oppositions, how much of their reconciliation coexistence. After all with the naked eye it can be seen that only through interaction penumbraes are born of light and darkness and the world becomes visible and knowable. It is the interaction of active and passive, masculine and feminine cosmos begets life.

Life is a state between birth and death, order and chaos, past and future, good and evil. This and the wisdom of conservation equilibrium in the presence of two opposite trends. This and the concept of measure, and the “golden mean,” of which the sages spoke. it and the “razor blade” on which being is balancing, trying discourage excesses and deficiencies.

The law of trinity is universal in its manifestations. Like the concept Trinity, he found reflection in various religions and philosophical schools. He is in the terms “yang – deng – yin”, “creation – conservation – destruction “,” birth – life – death “,” body – soul – spirit “. This law is also associated with concepts such as “the future is the present. – the past. “And with such fundamental categories as “information – energy – matter.”

Since prehistoric times, special importance has been attached equilateral triangle. It was him in the ancient world who was considered divine. In Egypt, he was the emblem of God. Pythagoras (570-490 BC) AD) considered him a symbol of wisdom. Plato (428—348 BC) called the most beautiful of all triangles and saw in it a special one, the deepest meaning of being.

A photo from open sources

Among Christians, an equilateral triangle symbolized the trinity Of God. The author of “Divine Proportion” Fra Luca Pacioli (1445-1517), in whom Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) studied mathematics, saw in “divine” triangle, the source of universal harmony and called two of its wonderful properties: the uniqueness of the proportion, unique in in its own way (“This uniqueness is the highest property of God “), and the trinity, in which” one and the same essence is in three faces – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. ”

It was natural for our ancestors to divide the world into Yav-Nav-Prav, or Earthly world, underground and mountain. And in Europe Trinity symbols have been known since pagan times. In Hinduism these are the three hypostases of the One God (Brahman): Brahma (creator, creator) – Vishnu (guardian, protector) – Shiva (destroyer).

For the first time the term “Trinity” was used in the II century A.D. Theophilus Antioch: “Three days that were before the creation of the stars, the essence images of the Trinity, God and His Word and His Wisdom. “But even earlier in The Old Testament (Genesis 18, 1-3) spoke of the One God who appeared to Abraham in three faces: “And the Lord appeared to him at the oak grove Mamvre … He lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold, three men stand against him. “Characteristically, the three men Abraham addresses: “Lord!” – as if in front of Him One.

A photo from open sources

The Orthodox Church allows only a symbolic image the invisible and incomprehensible Trinity. When Father Paul Florensky asked how to imagine the Trinity, he advised to look at an icon of Andrei Rublev, which is different from other icons, dedicated to the vision of Abraham, in that Abraham himself is absent on it and Sarah, and the Trinity is depicted out of time: She was from a century, that is is always. In fact, the icon refutes common prejudice, as if hypostases appear in time one after another.

The consubstantiality of the Trinity is revealed on it, and you should not look for who the Father is, who is the Son, and who is the Holy Spirit. The perfection of the icon lies in the fact that it presents not individual incarnations, but the Trinity itself. Not one hypostasis without the other does not exist. Rublev stressed the equality of all figures and their complete unity (almost mirror), despite the fact that faces and the clothes on them are different. Religious debate on the topic of “How can this be?” – “three in one” and “one in three” at the same time? ”Didn’t stop for centuries. In fact, understanding this is not easy.

And here is the famous designer of Soviet space technology, associate of Sergey Korolev and at the same time deep religious philosopher academician Boris Viktorovich Rauschenbach (1915-2001) wondered aim to find a visual image for this paradox. And I found it. All It turned out to be simple. An example of such a trinity (“three in one “and at the same time” one in three “) he saw in a familiar us from school three-dimensional (three-coordinate) vector. Vector, existing as something single and independent, at the same time can be represented by three independent orthogonal components – X, Y and Z.

The image of the Trinity, in addition to the triangle, was depicted in religions and combinations of triangles, circles, arcs, trefoils, a fork. One of the symbols of the triune essence of God (Creator, Keeper and Destroyer) is the Trident. Three of its teeth – three main the possibilities of thinking and action: passivity, activity and inertia. Activity – energetic, purposeful action, knowledge of the true the essence of the world – reflected in the average, vertical, the sharpest tooth.

And today, the symbols of the trinity psychologically affect people, causing a feeling of stability, reliability, strength, power. Therefore, they are often used in trademarks and emblems. So, Mercedes-Benz emblem designed to symbolize excellence companies in three environments – on land, on water and in the air. Mitsubishi Automobile Company Took as Emblem Scandinavian rune, symbolizing heavenly power, and gave it new sound. Three diamonds – three principles: responsibility, honesty, mutual understanding.

Add to this the images from the mysterious region of the unknown – crop circles, so-called pictograms. Symbolism of them diverse, but one of the frequently recurring themes is trinity, trinity. A few hundred circles appear annually, and the drawings are becoming more complicated, but sometimes appear in a few minutes. We still don’t know how to “manufacture”, do not know anything about their origin – earthly? extraterrestrial? other? But it is obvious that their authors are demonstrations are trying to get our attention. For what purpose?

Perhaps to study our reaction to such an unusual phenomenon. But it cannot be ruled out that their authors, with their every move, pursue several goals. For example, they are trying to somehow influence our worldview. And giving us some hints, they try to send our views in the direction they need. Perhaps forcing us to seek deep meaning in patterns-symbols, introduce us to some global cosmic truths …

Vitaly Pravdivtsev

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