Three “modern” inventions that were created millions of years ago

There is evidence on our planet that prehistoric earthly civilizations were as advanced as modern ones – and perhaps even superior to us.

The data below has been disputed and continues to be disputed in these days, however, some scientists consider them confirmation that tens of thousands or even millions of years ago, people walked the earth, who were as culturally and technologically advanced as we.

1. Nuclear reactor 1.8 billion years old

oklo15_curtin1A photo from open sources

In 1972, French industrialists discovered in Oklo, in Gabon African Republic full-blown and highly advanced a nuclear reactor that was created 1.8 billion years ago and worked for about 500 thousand years.

Dr. Glen Seaborg, former Head of the Nuclear Energy Commission USA and Nobel Laureate for his synthesis work heavy elements, concluded that it is definitely not a certain natural phenomenon, and we are dealing with an artificially created nuclear the reactor.

The fact is that a nuclear reaction requires some very important conditions.

The reaction uses extremely pure water. Much more purer than any water that has ever existed on earth in in vivo.

Uranium U-235 is required for a nuclear fission reaction. This is one of isotopes of natural uranium.

Several nuclear engineering experts said that the uranium in Oklo is not rich enough in the U-235 isotope so that any the reaction in it could have occurred naturally.

And what impresses most is that this reactor is much more advanced than anything we can build today. It is several kilometers long, and its thermal exposure is limited to only 40 meters in any side. His radioactive waste is still being held surrounding geological elements and do not leave the place storage.

2. Peruvian stone shows an ancient telescope and modern clothes

AstronomerCourtesyruA photo from open sources

It is assumed that the first telescope was created by Galileo Galilei in 1609. However, a stone from Peru that was engraved about 65 million years ago, shows us a figure a man holding a telescope and watching the stars.

About 10 thousand stones stored in the Cabrera Museum in Ica, Peru, show prehistoric people who wear hats, clothes and shoes. Some stones show scenes extremely similar to organ transplantation, cesarean section, and transfusion blood – and some show encounters with dinosaurs.

And although some say that all these stones are fake, doctor Dennis Swift, who studied archeology at the University of New Mexico, established and documented in his book “Secrets of stones from Ica and Nazca lines that these stones were created in the pre-Columbian era.

According to Swift, one of the reasons why stones were in the 1960s considered fake, was that in those days they believed as if dinosaurs dragged their tails on the ground, and stones show dinosaurs with their tails raised – and this was considered an inaccuracy.

However, later discoveries showed that dinosaurs really walked with their tails raised above the ground – exactly so as shown on peruvian stones.

3. Advanced culture reflected in the wall painting

Cave_painting_Anthropos_1A photo from open sources

Rock paintings from Altamira Cave exhibited in Anthropological pavilion of the Moravian Museum in Czech the republic

La Marsh caves in west-central France contain paintings people with short haircuts, well-groomed beards, well-cut clothes, riding horses and dressed in a modern style – and that’s it it is very far from those images of prehistoric people in animal skins that we used to imagine. The fact is that the age of these drawings is more than 14 thousand years.

That these figures are not fake has been confirmed in 2002 year. Many researchers like Michael Rappengluck of University of Munich insist that these important artifacts are simply ignored by modern science.

Some of the stones from the caves of La Marsh exhibited in Paris Museum of human history, but those that clearly show prehistoric people with an extremely advanced culture, decided not to put on public display ….

Water Dinosaurs Stones Peru Caves Telescope

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