Three new elongated skulls found in Antarctica

Smithsonian archaeologist Damian Waters and his team discovered three elongated skulls in the La Pail region, Antarctica, reports The discovery was a complete surprise. for the world of archeology since skulls are the first human remains found in the Antarctic, and it was believed that the continent was never visited by people until the modern era.

No skulls found in this photo (their photos are nowhere published), and similar elongated skulls from an exhibition in the museum Peru.

Three new elongated skulls found in AntarcticaA photo from open sources

“We just can’t believe it! We didn’t just find human remains on Antarctica we found elongated skulls! I have to pinch myself every time I wake up, I I just can’t believe it! This will force us to reconsider on the history of mankind as a whole! “- M. excitedly explains Waters

As you know, previously elongated skulls were found in Peru and in Egypt, which suggests that ancient civilizations entered into contact long before history books tell us.

But this discovery is completely unbelievable. It shows that there was contact thousands of years ago between civilizations in Africa, South America and Antarctica.

Elongated skulls are believed to have appeared as a result of deliberate deformation. Many elite children underwent the procedure ancient cultures, spokesman for smitson tells us Institute in New York.

This was achieved by having the baby’s head when the skull was still unsteady, tightly wrapped in cloth. This characteristic was used to mark the upper classes of society before the lower ones.

However, many say that these elongated skulls are much larger, than ordinary human skulls. Target cranial deformity may change the shape of the skull, but it cannot increase its volume.

In addition, these skulls have quite a few other important physical characteristics that significantly distinguish them from normal human skulls.

This knowledge is incredibly important no matter are these skulls human or belong to some other mind of humanoids. It’s important that they help unravel the history of our of the past. Doubtless the skulls belonged incredibly a mysterious group of people.

Earlier similar skulls were found in Peru. Main question, which interests so many today: do not these skulls to aliens?

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