Tibetan caches of the Atlanteans

Lobsang Rampa – a famous person not only in his home Tibet, but all over the world. It was this llama who had the honor of visiting in the holy of holies of Tibet – the circle of initiates under the Potala temple. Here he communicated with the living Atlanteans on the eve of 1927. Reached the Highest steps of initiation, Rampa first-hand in a mystical trance saw representatives of the legendary race, who ruled the earth until known disaster. A photo from open sources About what happened in those days with our planet, and this clergyman described in detail, books which is read by many abroad and in Russia. First was 3 month preparation. Only after various unusual tests, armed with torches, the monks led Rampa in secret passages under the monastery. Reaching the end of a long corridor, they led into movement of a huge stone block. He turned with a rattle, and for he opened a dark tunnel, smelling of mustiness, incense and spices. Passing it, the monks ran into a massive golden door, which opened by itself. Behind it was a vast dungeon. Only three of the monks who accompanied Rampa continued on their journey together with him. They walked for a very long time … At first there was cold and silence, then the bodies began to penetrate electric discharges, such that everyone’s hands started to glow. Soon, in the flickering light of the lamps giant statues covered with gold and precious stones. Behind the next door opened a narrow winding passage. Then it seemed a huge niche cast in gold, in the middle of which was black house – crypt. Mysterious symbols covered its walls. Inside there were three open sarcophagi of black stone with drawings and inscriptions in an unknown language. Rampa looked into the sarcophagi: his three naked bodies appeared, all in gold. These were two men and woman. Lobsang was struck by their growth – more than three meters in women and over five in men. Their heads were huge and converged top cone. Angular jaws, small mouth, thin lips, long thin nose. The chest is very large and the genitals men are drawn into the body. The giants seemed to be sleeping. One of the monks said quietly: “Here it is – the circle of initiates … You will see the past now, know the future, but the test will not be easy. Are you ready Lobsang? “Ramp replied in the affirmative. He was led to a stone a plate mounted between sarcophagi. Lama sat on her and raised his hands to the sky, palms up, as he was taught. Meanwhile accompanying put lighted incense sticks on each sarcophagus and on the stove and … disappeared, closing the heavy door behind them. Ramp was left alone with those who lived in the prehistoric era. The lamp left by the monks went out. There was total darkness and oppressive silence. Lama became do breathing exercises to dive into a trance. His body tensed, members began to freeze. Little by little, everything began to drag out blue shroud. It seemed to Lama that he was inside a huge living snake. Then he realized that he was flying through a winding tunnel, separating from your physical body. Around Ramp’s head arose golden halo, from the astral body to the physical stretched vibrating blue silver thread. Suddenly, Lobsang heard snatches of conversation, laughter, somewhere in the distance the bell rang. Dark began to dissipate. The sound of waves was heard, the breeze brought smells seas. And then all the feelings turned on – Rampa felt that he was lying on sand under the hot sun. Near rustled palm leaves. But Rampa had never seen either the sea or palm trees in his life. Heard voices, and from the palm grove came the red-skinned giants. In the mind Ramps began to have unusual thoughts. Someone dictated to them. Once upon a time, an invisible man told, the Earth was closer to the Sun and rotated in the opposite direction. The day was shorter, the climate hotter. It was then that the great civilization of the Atlanteans arose. They were able much. They discovered electricity, invented photography, learned fly in space, subdued atomic energy and gravity … But here a certain space object invaded the solar system, violating established order. He changed the orbits of the planets, forced our Earth rotate in the opposite direction. Ocean waters rose Flood, earthquake began. Tibet rose high seas, the climate of the plateau became colder.

* * *

The Tibetan holy book “Jiang” says that nearly 10,000 years back most of the Earth in the West sank in the area of ​​current Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Now Rampa realized how did the people of Tibet learn about the disaster that happened on another side of the globe. They learned about it from the surviving Atlanteans. Lobsang describes in detail the appearance of the Atlanteans. According to Rampa, the inhabitants of Atlantis had a developed “third eye” that was used as an organ for tuning one’s psychic power to the frequencies of the environment of the world. With the help of psychic energy Atlanta tuned to the waves stone, counteracting the force of gravity, and moving huge gravity over long distances. This is how the Egyptian were built pyramids, whose age is 75-80 thousand years, and not 4000 years, as is considered. Atlantis skin color reveals why people have long been revered red. It was he who was the color of emblems and banners of emperors, princes, cardinals. The gods were often painted in red paint, equally like heroes. Egyptians used scarlet lipstick, and the highest the ranks of the Catholic Church wear purple robes. Moreover, the color blood is associated in many nations with supreme power, a triumph and glory. Characteristically, the name of the first man on earth, Adam, translates as “red”. Those three Atlanteans that lay in the sarcophagi in the cave were apparently in a somati state. In all religions of the East, the state in which only and you can achieve the main task of man – to become wise. In somati metabolism slows down, the pulse becomes less frequent and breath, he feels that his soul is coming out of the body that he “sees” from the side. In this state, a person absorbs all the wisdom of the universe. The body in somati becomes stony – it becomes very dense, able to remain for centuries under special conditions and come to life when the soul returns to the body. The most important of these conditions is temperature. + 4 ° C, characteristic of caves, deep bunkers, tombs in the pyramids.

* * *

It should be noted that Ramp is not the only one who has visited the hiding places Tibet Therefore it is not surprising that today, reading this excited story of 80 years ago, we already know a few hypotheses about the purpose of this cache. It’s possible they say researchers that caves of Tibet are a kind of gene pool repository of mankind, now in them are “mothballed” people of the first earthly civilization. After the death of the Atlanteans, humanity on the planet revived through the use of this gene pool repeatedly. But every time there came a regression in the development of society and the wildness of people. Finally, the attempt to revive our civilization was a success 18000 years ago, when he acted as the forefather of mankind Buddha is one of the early Atlanteans. Gradual progress has begun. Alas, Now the world is degrading again – wars, conflicts, religious feuds … And again, one of our contemporaries or grandchildren will plunge in somati to become forefathers and foremothers of a new civilization in case of the death of the present. What will be the people of the future? Apparently they will remain like us. It is possible that people will be taller growth, the skull will increase, the vegetation on the face, head and body – the Atlanteans did not have it. But the main differences should not be expected in appearance, but in changing his abilities, lifestyle. Now human abilities to perceive and process information no longer meets the needs – because its flow is fast is growing. As a result, the duration of training now reaches 15-20 years. To eliminate this, a new person must be able to receive information in some fundamentally different way. Them, apparently is the soul or consciousness that will communicate with by other souls through the astral world, without using speech and with the need to directly connect to the information field of the Earth. The person’s dependence on society will decrease. No need in the use of hardware such as computers in training and treatment. All the necessary knowledge for life and maintaining health a person will receive as a subscriber information field, as was the case in the Atlantean era.

* * *

But what ended the meeting between Rampa and the souls of those sleeping in sarcophagi giants? … Pictures of the past gradually faded in the mind of the llama. Finally he came to himself, returning to his body. Three monks entered with candles in their hands. – He is alive! They shouted. – He is back! It turned out that Rampa lay on the bench for three days and three nights. He froze to the bone and was terribly hungry. But Ramp was happy he touched the mystery of eternity, personally communicated with the “red gods. “Denis BALMASHOV

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