Traces found in Kazakhstan giant people

Traces of giant people found in KazakhstanPhoto from open sources

Giant traces were discovered in the Republic of Kazakhstan, very reminiscent of humans. Amazing find was made Kazakhstani scientists in the area of ​​the tract Bektau-Ata and Lake Balkhash on southeast of the country. The specialist suggests that once here inhabited by a race of humanoid giants, whose growth was about eighteen meters. It’s no secret that such prints found in many corners of our planet.

A photo from open sources

Study author Vyacheslav Plohov, currently working at the Russian All-Union Institute of Rural Electrification farms, recently went on a long expedition along the shore Balkhash and the mountain range in the vicinity of the lake. The expert succeeded find dozens of tracks left by unknown feet science of beings. In addition, Vyacheslav Ivanovich discovered here fingerprints of giants’ teeth and fingers. Bad is not only professional biologist, but also an experienced hunting expert, many years who worked as a hunting specialist in Karaganda, therefore has the opportunity to carefully study these amazing finds and make from this necessary conclusions.

A photo from open sources

It is noteworthy that for the first time a Kazakhstani stumbled upon these traces back in 2001. A man went to the lake to fish and not believed his eyes when he saw gigantic prints on the stone bare human feet. First Vyacheslav Ivanovich tried to find find a rational explanation: they say, this is a game of nature, and such a notch in the rock was made over many centuries by water with the wind. Not less, nearby, the scientist found several more such two-meter traces. Then this discovery did not cause a big sensation, however now, with the development of the Internet, this can be hoped for. Several large English-language sites collecting information on supernatural phenomena on Earth, already published news articles about the find of a Kazakhstani specialist.

The Plokhov hypothesis of the ancient giants finds an indirect confirmation in local toponymy. Perhaps the name of the tract Bektau-Ata in the Kazakhstan steppe has some hidden meaning. Word “back” in Russian is often translated as “prince”, although in fact in fact, the translations of “great” and “giant” also have the right to be. So way, the correct translation of the name of this geographical object may be the “mountain of the grandfather-giant.”

Giants Kazakhstan

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