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And although a new documentary from the series “The Most Shocking hypothesis “called” Where did the pharaohs come from “, more accurate the name for him, I think, would be – “Traces of previous civilizations.” The fact is that the film is dedicated not only to Egypt and the Pharaohs, but also the most ancient pyramids of Altai, the mummies of Tibet and even the mysteries of Mars, then there are many other artifacts that are traces of previous civilizations – civilizations that were much more developed than our.

It is noteworthy that today it has already been proved that under the Egyptian The Sphinx is the hall of the annals of Atlantis, which was mentioned in last century the great American seer Edgar Cayce. By the way this secret hall was discovered thirty years ago by an American Egyptologist Larry Hunter, who was trying to penetrate this treasure, but … did not have time. Egyptian authorities immediately banned all archaeological site in the valley of Giza.

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But they themselves could not penetrate the mysterious hall: the point is that the Atlanteans reliably protected him with an energy field. I’m with his colleagues, says Larry Hunte, used completely different ways to search and interact with these ancient buildings. When we encountered the energy field, we tried neutralize it with the help of singing of ancient mantras – and to us it almost succeeded. The wall of fire faded and the researchers saw a small box on which stood a figurine of the god Osiris holding in hand Egyptian cross – ankh. But it only lasted a few seconds, and then the energy field recovered again. Probably, says Larry Hunte, we could, in the end, get through this barrier, if the Egyptian authorities hadn’t been afraid of it …

The connection of ancient civilizations with the Gods

The pyramids of Giza, according to the American Egyptologist, are not built the Egyptians and far from the burial of the pharaohs. Yes, and the pharaohs themselves are strange people with outstretched skulls (which they hid under high hats) and superpowers (could, for example, terrify enemies with one glance). Rather all – they were the descendants of Atlantis, and the pyramids served them a kind of tool for communication with the Gods.

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This, for example, proves the experiment that he conducted with his colleagues director of MITSUFI at the Academy of National Security Russian Valery Uvarov. They are in the so-called Chamber of the Kings of the Pyramid Cheops included records of mantras. After playing the Om pyramid mantra as if revived, filled with amazing energy, and when then the om-ki mantra sounded, the researchers heard a voice in their heads, who conveyed the following: they heard you, but this pyramid too destroyed and is no longer suitable for full communication. It turns out that in ancient Egypt, the pharaohs were just communicated in this way with their masters – the Gods, receiving from them, most likely, all the necessary information.

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In the movie “Where did the Pharaohs come from” a lot of other interesting information that serves proof of the existence of previous civilizations on Earth. For example, what kind of “stone coins” were used in the construction Egyptian pyramids? As it turned out, these inconspicuous circles were unique connecting elements for blocks, of which grandiose Egyptian structures were erected. These “coins” are more million years, and about this technology of construction modern science does not even suspect. Or what are the pyramids discovered on Mars? Not Does this mean that there was also once developed civilization, and perhaps still exists. And why information about the oldest burials and pyramids of Russian Siberia are hiding in every possible way? ..

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