Traces of the first human war found

Traces of the First Human War FoundPhotos from open sources of

On the shores of Kenyan Lake Rudolph, located in the north countries, traces of the large-scale massacre that occurred here more than ten thousand years ago.

Local archaeologists who made this find claim that talking about the first tribal war in history. If scientists succeed to prove this, it will be possible to assert with full confidence that it was common for man to fight before the advent of civilization and concepts of private property.

The experts who studied the mass burial came to the conclusion that at the time a major battle took place on the shore of the reservoir between two tribes, hunting and gathering. It is impossible to say with absolute accuracy that it is the ancient people not divided. Perhaps a valuable territory rich in game and edible plants.

According to scientists, this find can be considered a monument aggressive human nature. It turns out that the wars accompanied our family since ancient times.

The remains found near the settlement of Nataruk show that one group of hunter-gatherers dealt in cold blood with another, with only minor losses. In this case, the corpses of enemies and fallen in battle tribesmen were left victorious without any burial. Surprisingly, in this situation, the bones well preserved to this day.

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Wars are always inhuman and cruel

British Specialist Martha Lahr of Cambridge University helping Kenyans, reports that war seems to have existed in person always. Being social beings, people from the ancients times united in tribes, and where several coexisted of different groups, disagreements certainly appeared.

According to modern concepts, the massacre at Rudolph was real war crime. Stronger tribe without any declarations of war attacked the weaker, killing not only men, but also children and women, two of whom turned out to be pregnant. Any ideas about morality and honest struggle our distant ancestors in those days were completely absent.

Scratches on the remains indicate that as tools the attackers used spears, stones, as well as primitive axes and clubs.

Martha Lar believes that it was precisely the subject of contention land, however, the matter was not only in game and fruit. Given the collision occurred primarily due to access to the shore lakes where the water was very rich in fish. So speech, perhaps it is about the first territorial conflict in history.


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