Traditions in Russia

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Russian Christmas is not the only tradition, celebration which is fundamentally different from the traditions of other countries. To us in general there is something to remember and something to be surprised. 10th place: In Ancient Russia the fire from lightning was considered divine fire and was not extinguished by water, but milk. 9th place: To prevent milk from souring, into a vessel with milk launched a frog. 8th place: Usual wedding celebrations in Russia were only the second part of the ritual – the “red table”. In the first part called the “black table”, the bride went to church in mourning robes. So the bride’s ritual funeral took place, which passed into adulthood. By the way, weddings in Russia played only in the winter, after the New Year. 7th place: French a kiss (with tongue) in Russia was called a Tatar kiss. He is strong condemned by the church and equated with a kiss on the penis. 6 place: Before Ivan the Terrible in Russia, they drank drinks with a strength of 1 to 6% only on holidays and not drunk. Imported grape wines like usually not stronger than 11%, were too expensive and affordable only to the aristocrats who drank them, according to the Greek tradition, diluting with water. Drinking more than once or twice a month was considered a shame. 5th place: But what is the version of why Russia is not participated actively in the development of the seas and oceans. In medieval Europe on the eve of winter began mass slaughter of cattle and harvesting meat. Spices help to keep it almost in its original form, who brought from Asia. And in Russia, due to severe winters, acute there was simply no need for spices. 4th place: In the Russian vault laws of the XIV century “Justice Metropolitan” meets description pet price: “Pay 9 kuna for a pigeon, 30 for a duck kun, for a goose 30 kun, for a cat 3 hryvnias, for a dog 3 hryvnias, for mare 60 kunas, for an ox 3 hryvnias, for a cow 40 kunas. “Given that the hryvnia was 50 kunas, it turns out that cats and dogs were valued like one ox, 3 horses or a herd of sheep. 3rd place: One of the most honorable in Russia was the occupation of the spitter – the one who sowed turnips. At turnips are very small seeds: in one kilogram there are more than a million. It is impossible to sow with their hands. The seeds spit out, and the good ones spitters were very much appreciated. 2nd place: The worst holiday on Russia was Shrovetide. In Maslenitsa day and night continues gluttony, drunkenness, debauchery, play and murder … More often than not, misfortune didn’t happen during fist fights. Also, many froze on streets reveling. In Moscow at that time it was just scary to walk. 1st place: Previously, an alternative name was distributed in Russia constellations Ursa Major – Horse on a joke (meaning grazing horse tied with a rope to a peg). And the North Star, respectively, called Prank star.

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