Treasure at the bottom of the sea turned out to be very rich

Treasure at the bottom of the sea turned out to be very richA photo from open sources

Israeli divers recently discovered a treasure of gold coins that belong to the era of the Fatimids (X-XII centuries. BC). Finding a unique find – the area of ​​Caesarea, the ancient Mediterranean port. This is the largest treasure consisting of gold coins that has ever been found in Israel. Total he contained about two thousand coins of various denominations.

According to Yaakov Sherbit, head of the marine finds department Israeli Antiquities Authority helped discover the treasure recent storms.

The divers themselves say that at first they accepted coins for “toy” because they were light and thin. Then scuba divers realized that they had discovered a real treasure. Taking with you just a few coins, they returned to the shore and reported find to colleagues.

As a result, an expedition was organized, which included included a mini submarine, as well as a group of divers armed metal detectors. Members of the expedition discovered the remains a wreck that, according to one version, was transported to Cairo tax fees. According to another version, the ship headed to Caesarea and drove salaries to the military garrison.

The ship was built during the reign of the Fatimid dynasty. These Muslim caliphs ruled in the Fatimid caliphate, which included all of North Africa (including Egypt), Palestine, and also the western coastal part of present Saudi Arabia.

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