Tribes from the parallel world

Tribes from a parallel worldA photo from open sources In many parts of the world you can hear legends about mysterious tribes, representatives of which possess mystical properties. They usually live in isolation from civilization – in a dense forest thicket, high in the mountains or even underground. A some are convinced that they generally come from another dimension through a hole in space-time … We are residents of Russia, and we are alien Western tales of gnomes guarding enchanted treasures. But we have our own amazing mythology … Yakut cyclops In the Yakut myths some “wild people” are mentioned – chuchun. These creatures are similar to humans, but very high. growth, with a body covered with black wool, and in addition, one-armed and one-eyed. They have weapons – knives, spears, bows with arrows, with by which they kill animals. They eat raw meat, and animal skins are worn instead of clothes. Chuchun run very fast. TO they are hostile to people – at a meeting they throw stones at them and shoot from a bow. Secretly sneaking into camps, savages abduct women and deer. Since all Chuchun are males, women are obviously they need to give offspring. They are credited with the mystical properties. They say that if the blood of a man killed by a dummy gets on a hunter’s clothes or knife, then all members of his family will lose reason, and in a few days they will be overtaken by death. Where does he live alright In the Urals and Western Siberia there are many legends about called underground peoples. They say that once there was a tribe of black people with magical abilities – “chud.” They allegedly built underground cities and still live there. Sometimes in caves and mountain adits discover their tracks. And other people even went to underground cities of the country of Miracles, about which they later spoke amazing things. According to one version, chud lived in Altai, in territory of modern Kolyvan. Hence the name: in the language of the people choud “cola” meant “fish”, “evan” – “stream”, all together – “fish stream”. Chud mined ore here. Part of it went to remelting and from it did weapons and some other mysterious things. The rest of the ore was just scattered around. When to these lands the emissaries of the king began to visit, the chud went underground: “land closed over them. “According to another version, the chud inhabited the area Upper Pechora. They went underground, and another tribe, Pechora, left from him and the river was so called. In different parts of Russia to you show the places where the entrance to the underground country is allegedly hidden. One of them – a mountain with a rounded peak on a plain near the village of Krivoe Lake near Verkhoturye. It is called Devil’s Hillfort. According to myths, this mountain is man-made and stands on the very spot where sank underground … Something constantly seems to people near the mountain, and at night over the top of the Devil’s hillforts see strange lights … And in the north of the modern Kirov region there is a hill called Boom mountain. They say that the hill is hollow, and if you hit it hard surface, there will be a rumble. It’s here that the chud supposedly committed their outcome … White tundra men In the Far North ostensibly lived once the mysterious people of Sirte (or Sihirt). These were people small stature, light-eyed. They were considered something like sorcerers. Previously, the orphans lived on the surface of the tundra, but then they went underground – in high hills called “gray”. It happened as if in the result of some kind of cataclysm. Some sources indicate that a severe flood began in Yamal, others – that with the advent of ordinary people – Nenets – the earth “turned the other side.” So or otherwise, Sirte avoided communicating with ordinary people, going into tundra only at night. According to one version, from daylight they eyes burst. They wore strange clothes with metal pendants, engaged in jewelry and blacksmithing and, apparently, entered into commercial relations with mere mortals. Local The population claims that Sirte are found today. They are still live underground and herd herds of mammoths (!), and go fishing at night – hunting or fishing … Sometimes they shown to people. Here is the story told in 1987 by an elderly Nenka to the writer Grigory Temkin. Two lonely old sisters – Galina and Pavel – every year they went to the tundra and put networks on fish. Somehow they noticed: on one lake, fish from nets became disappear, only the scales remain. We decided to watch the thief. They put a net, and they themselves hid in the thickets on the shore. Soon with a strange sound was heard from the side of the lake – as if someone was crying. A little later, snow fell from the hill. So grandmother thought. A it’s summer … And suddenly they saw some kind of white figure walking along water. We made a better look – and there were some bright nights – and saw that this is a little sprout man, white-haired, with a bag in hands. He stood over the net – and the fish itself began to bag into him to jump … The little man took all the fish from the net and how he threatens to side of the bushes! Once I found out that the old women are hiding there. Reached to hills and disappeared. Only a pillar of light above that place appeared. A grandmothers come to their senses – and let’s take your feet. Very scared and more they didn’t go there. Galina remembered later – her grandmother said that some creatures live in these hills: not that people, not the hell. They hide during the day, and go out to hunt at night … And before there were many of them in the tundra. Indirect evidence the existence of the syrte are articles of iron and bronze, made in the 1st millennium BC. Recently Yamal reindeer herder Mee Okotetto discovered in the north of Yamal peninsula metal arrowheads, ax, harpoon and fragments of ceramics. According to researchers, these products do not relate to the culture of the Nenets, who lived in these parts from time immemorial times. Most likely, they belonged to the people who lived here earlier. Perhaps a mysterious orphan …

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