Two thousand-year-old “smartphone” was found by archaeologists in Tove

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During excavations in Tuva, archaeologists discovered an item that has an external resemblance to a modern smartphone. Subject a black rectangular shape was found in the burial ground “Russian Atlantis”.

According to media reports, this burial ground is located in an area that several times a year flooded with water. This find was a real discovery for our scientists.

Along with the “gadget” were also discovered Chinese Wushu coins, which suggested the age of the find – about 2100 years. Exactly then Chinese coins were in circulation.

As for the “smartphone”, then everything is very simple. According to Scientists are a regular belt buckle. And its owner was, probably a very wealthy man, since the subject was inlaid with precious stones, including carnelian, turquoise and nacre.

Earlier ESOREITER talked about discovered by scientists on Russian territory of the ancient pyramids.

Andrey Vetrov

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