Ufologist made out a whole “city” on Mars

The ufologist made out the wholePhotos from open sources of

Scott Waring, known for his intriguing findings, again attracted the attention of the public. Browsing photos surface of Mars, Waring simply could not believe his eyes – amazing picture opened to the eyes of an independent researcher.

This time, the ufologist claims that at NASA photographs of the surface of Mars, you can see the whole city. These photographs may indicate that there is still life on Mars, however, Waring doesn’t exclude that this may be a rare natural phenomenon.

A photo from open sources

The researcher believes that this “city” is directly related to Atlantis. Allegedly, representatives of this civilization once lived on Mars, but because of some kind of cataclysm unknown to us (or war) they left a lifeless planet, moving to Earth. Quite it is possible that in legends Atlantis was not a continent, but was the planet. The fact is that it was difficult for ancient people to explain events related to travel to other planets therefore in legends are talking about the “big continent.”

The ufologist filmed and published on the web a video with an overview and detailed description of his find. According to him, in the photographs of Mars geometrically correct lines are quite clearly visible, similar to the streets along which are some buildings with domes and towers. Waring even discerned a “structure” very reminiscent of Vatican with its round base and round roof.

The grid lines that are visible on the landscape of Mars have a length of about 1 kilometer between intersections. The researcher is sure that this the snapshot is one hundred percent proof that on Mars once upon a time there was life.

Earlier ESOREITER talked about an unusual natural phenomenon, fixed on Mars.

Andrey Vetrov

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