Ufologist spotted on Mars “large remains reptiles “

Ufologist made out on MarsA photo from open sources

Scott Waring shared his latest find online again on this time he spotted a reptile skull on the surface of Mars.

The NASA’s rover on the surface of the Red Planet Waring discovered an object similar to sprinkled with Martian sand skull of an alien predator.

A photo from open sources

Ufologist believes that this object is not for natural education similar, because she (nature) is not able to do such perfect figures. You can, of course, with him about this argue, but leave it to our opinion.

Scott Waring is sure that this find is the next proof of the once-present life on the Red Planet. It is possible that to this day similar creatures live that can skillfully hide or even disguise themselves from looks observers.

In support of his words, the ufologist published a video on which demonstrates its unusual find. The roller has already collected several thousand views.

Andrey Vetrov

Mars Scott Waring

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