Under Gelendzhik discovered an underwater city

Under Gelendzhik discovered an underwater cityPhotos from open sources of

At the bottom of the Black Sea, three to four kilometers from Gelendzhik, The ruins of an ancient city were found. Structures hidden under water occupy a significant bottom area. Domestic scientists surveyed a striking find, agreed that the ruins are of man-made origin, because nature could not create nothing like this.

According to experts, near Gelendzhik Bay huge grottoes and boulders with signs of processing them by man. Divers found four entrances to horizontal caves – the entrances face strictly north, south, west and east. It’s obvious that our ancestors carefully designed and constructed this complex. In the stone walls, ancient people hollowed out recesses, to make bonfires. Separate recesses were used for storage. things, that is, they were an analogue of modern shelves. Besides Moreover, there was a kind of table made of stone. At present divers studied only two grottoes deep fourteen to fifteen meters. Also found under water several blocks of smooth round shape, the purpose of which experts can not yet determine.

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Interestingly, amateur divers reported boulders not far from the water area of ​​Gelendzhik Bay back in Soviet times, however, only the other day, Russian scientists finally decided check this information and explore the bottom. Needless to say that the results of these dives fully met their expectations.

St. Petersburg archaeologists suggest that the data buildings appeared here long before the territory modern Gelendzhik was founded in the sixth century BC Ancient Greek city of Torik.

In the near future, Russian researchers intend to do a lot of work to study the sunken city. First of all, scientists plan to measure all caves hewn stone blocks and other structures. Next year to study leading domestic geology and archeology will be connected. Now to Unfortunately, the analysis of finds is prevented by unstable weather.

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Water Caves

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