Under the ground found an ancient temple of the Templars

Under the ground found the ancient temple of the TemplarsPhotos from open sources of

Nothing, at first glance, unremarkable rabbit holes in one of the fields of the English city of Shropshire turned out to be the entrance to secret underground temple of the Order of the poor knights of Christ. Estimated historians, the Templars used these caves seven centuries ago back.

Sandstone carved dungeon hidden at the depth of one meter. It is made very skillfully: there are beautiful arches, a whole network of passages and paths, columns and stairs, as well as a rounded vault. Temple of the representatives of the spiritual and chivalric order, famous in the Crusades, perfectly preserved.

A photo from open sources

Scientists believe that after the Templars, the guardians of the Holy Grail, caves could be used by pagans, druids, and various sectarians. In this place, you could safely carry out any religious ceremonies without fear of being discovered.

Researchers are surprised that surface walkers on for many centuries they did not even suspect that a meter away from them this man-made miracle is hidden.

Human bones, pottery, torches were found in the temple. and decorations.


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