Underground City May Become a Pearl Turkey

Underground city may become the pearl of TurkeyPhoto from open source Turkish region of Cappadocia is famous all over the world its underground structures, for example, a huge multi-tiered the underground city of Derinkuyu, cave churches, monasteries and other shelters hidden from human eyes. However recently another underground city discovered in Cappadocia. Yes, what!

According to Turkish experts, this is likely to be the most a large underground city that is discovered in their country. In it in everything was equipped in due time to tens of thousands people could not only hide, but also wait out a long siege. The city is equipped with well-designed water channels, unique mines for air supply, there are churches in it and not even one the winery. According to preliminary estimates, this underground facility about a third more than Derinkuyu.

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In the newly excavated city, almost three hundred shelters were discovered, which are artificially carved in volcanic rock – tuff. So that the ancient inhabitants had a place to hide from the invaders.

An underground structure was accidentally discovered during preparation places for the construction of a new housing estate. It happened back in 2013, due to suspicious catacombs at that time was construction was suspended and scientists who continue their research of the underground “maze” so far. IN last year they unearthed the main living quarters here approximately twenty thousand people found ancient pottery, stone crosses and many other interesting artifacts. Town was a self-sufficient fortification, and it was made so that the Cappadocians could go underground, block with stones entrances, and they can no longer be detected from above.

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The area of ​​the city, according to the estimates of geophysicists at the University of Nevsehir, is almost five million square meters, separate tunnels go underground for a hundred or more meters. Authorities nearest Turkish cities are already planning to build an antiquity park with all modern infrastructure – hotels, pleasure routes, art galleries, museums and so on. By the mayor believes this find can be a real gem Cappadocia and the whole of Turkey – the world’s largest underground park entertainment.

In the meantime, archaeologists continue to clear the tunnels of debris, while exploring the underground city, which, according to professionals will transform Cappadocia and make it even more interesting for tourists.

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