Underground Reptoid Civilization

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We already wrote about reptoids – the race of intelligent lizards that arose at the same time, and most likely, to a person. The publication wrote that the dinosaurs left the stage, giving way to man. We are correcting: there is good reason to believe that the dinosaurs, leaving man the surface of the planet, gone deep into the Earth.

Unknown Earth

Despite all the technical advances, people still do not can say that he knows the planet as his apartment. There are places left where the scientist’s foot has not yet gone. In other corners if he and appeared, then only to write on the rock “here was me” and leave this area in pristine purity for another 200-300 years.

Studying the oceans, a man sank to a depth of 11.000 m, however is in complete ignorance that is deeper 200-300m. (To visit does not mean to study) As for the natural void of the Earth, then here man went no further than the “entrance” and even has no idea how many rooms in the underground “apartment” and what they are sized. He just knows “a lot” and “very big.”

Endless underground labyrinths

There are caves in absolutely all parts of the world, on all continents, all the way to Antarctica. Underground corridors weave into endless labyrinth tunnels. Go crawl through these galleries 40-50 km, so and before reaching the end of the tunnel, it’s quite common for cavers not worth mentioning. There are caves with a length of 100, 200, 300km! Mamontova – 627km. And not one of the caves counts to the end investigated.

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A scientist Andrei Timoshevsky who studied Tibet and the Himalayas for a long time (better known as Andrew Thomas) wrote that the monks conducted him to tunnels of infinite length, through which, according to them, it is possible had to go to the center of the earth.

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After an underground nuclear explosion at a cave in Nevada Canada, located more than 2,000 km away, radiation level jumped 20 times. American cavers sure all caves North American continent communicate with each other.

Russian researcher Pavel Miroshnichenko believes that there is a network of global underground voids extending from Crimea through the Caucasus to the Volgograd region.

In fact, we have another continent – the underground. Is he really not populated by anyone?

Masters of the underworld

Our ancestors did not think so. They just were absolutely sure the opposite. Legends and legends of intelligent dinosaurs living in the underground labyrinths, the peoples of Australia, the North American Indians, the same Tibetan monks, Indians, residents of the Urals and Rostov region of the Southern Federal District. Is it really an accident?

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Most likely, as a result of climate change, life for lizards on the surface of the earth became impossible. If unreasonable the creatures remained on the surface and died, the reptoids went underground, where there is water, there are no killer drops in temperature, but the deeper therefore, it is even higher due to volcanic activity.

Leaving man the surface of the planet, they took possession of its underground part. Surely someday will happen long-awaited meeting. And most likely it will happen in South America. It was here that the wall dividing the two civilizations thinned to thin septum.


More Jesuit priests wrote about the presence in South America a huge number of underground caves connected together. Indians called them “chinkanasy.” The Spaniards believed that the Chinkanas created Incas for military purposes: for an early retreat or secretive attacks. The Indians claimed that they had no dungeons relationships, they were created by snake people who live there and really don’t love strangers.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Europeans did not believe, in their thinking, these “horror stories” had their goal is to prevent the valiant settlers from reaching gold, hidden by the Incas in underground hiding places. Therefore attempts to explore Chinkanasus of Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador were very many.

Expeditions do not return

Most adventurers embarking on a perilous journey through the underground labyrinths, did not return back. Rare the lucky ones came without gold and talked about meetings with people covered in scales and huge eyes, but no one believed them. The authorities, which were absolutely not with the missing “tourists” needed, heaped up and fell asleep all the known entrances and exits.

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Researched Chinkanas and scientists. In the 20s of the XX century in Peruvian Chinkanas lost several Peruvian expeditions. IN In 1952, a joint US-French group went underground. Scientists planned to return in 5 days. The only survivor expedition member Philippe Lamontier came to the surface in 15 days slightly damaged in the mind.

What’s in his rambling tales of endless labyrinths and lizards walking on two legs, killing everyone else, the former the truth, and that the fruit of a sick imagination, could not be established. The Frenchman died a few days later from the bubonic plague. Where did he find in plague dungeon?

Reptoids, the way out?

Who lives there in the dungeon? Cave research, including and mysterious cancanas continue. Returning Expedition Members sure that in the depths of the caves living creatures with intelligence. The stairs and steps they found in the dungeons, the halls, the floors of which paved with slabs, kilometer gutters hollowed out in the walls are not leave other options. And the deeper and farther away Researchers, the more often they come across all sorts of “surprises.”

Scientists from France, England, the USA and Russia have repeatedly recorded powerful flows of electromagnetic waves, the source of which located in the depths of the earth. Their nature is unclear. Reptoids are getting ready come to the surface?

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