Underground Turkish city will open its world secrets

An underground Turkish city will reveal its secrets to the worldPhoto from Ani’s open source is a ruined medieval Armenian city, which today is located in Turkish silt Kars is not far from the border with Armenia. Under Ani, as it turned out, there is another city. In it you can meet secret corridors, water channels, tunnels with traps, as well as huge halls for meditations and prayer rites.

This was reported by Sesai Yazerlj – a famous Turkish historian. By According to the expert, the underground city was opened more than a century ago, however, Turkish ministers of culture for some reason decided not to attach this find of publicity.

According to the historian, one hundred thirty-five years ago the illustrious Researcher Georgy Gurdjieff excavated in Ani. is he discovered an underground tunnel littered with stones from the outside. Unlocking the passage, Gurdjieff discovered a huge room with antique furniture, dishes and parchments in Armenian. The discovery of the mystic philosopher and traveler was confirmed in 1915 Italian archaeologists who testified that under Ani is ancient monastery.

The tunnels of the secret city are more than five hundred meters. Specialists concluded that most of the underground Caves and structures were once used as houses.

Sezai Yazerlzh declared that in total in the underground city there are eight hundred twenty-three units of caves and buildings. To most of they are still impossible to reach thanks to ingenious traps and the possibility of collapses. Because modern archaeologists have yet to make amazing discoveries here.

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