Underwater pyramid found off the coast of Alaska

An underwater pyramid was found off the coast of AlaskaPhotos from open sources of

Virtual archaeologists Blake and Brett Cousins ​​have done extremely a curious find, considering using the famous Google Earth map service satellite imagery Alaska

On the seabed near one of the islands of the Archipelago Alexandra, located southeast of the north American state, turned out to be a distinctly noticeable underwater pyramid.

Alternative researchers suggest that in the ocean at Chichagov Island may be a construction of a developed ancient civilization, for example, described in the works of the Greek philosopher Plato, or even aliens. According to another hypothesis, we are talking about Failure to capture or overlay satellite photos.

However, the pyramids today, including thanks to the Google service Planet Earth “and the like, researchers find almost by the whole planet. It turns out that they were built in ancient times on all continents with inscrutable persistence for us or some fantastic knowledge of the need for these mysterious structures. Therefore, the next pyramid suddenly appeared on the sea bottom near Alaska, in general, there is nothing surprising that could create deep doubts and look for the reason for the shooting failure. For example, we didn’t write about other man-made pyramids. this state of america that thawed due to global warming on the planet …


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