Underwater similarity found in the Mediterranean Stonehenge

An underwater semblance of Stonehenge found in the MediterraneanA photo from open sources

The flooded island in the Mediterranean hid twelve-meter man-made monolith made of stone, whose age archaeologists estimate at nine thousand five hundred years.

This discovery was made jointly by Israeli and Italian researchers who, using sonars, compiled local map of the underwater terrain. Sonar allowed scientists get a three-dimensional image of the bottom and discover amazing monument. Archaeologists are convinced that such a finding allows you to make conclusions about the high level of technical development for that time people living in the strait of sicily in the era Mesolithic.

Modern scientists believe that nine and a half millennia back the water level in the Mediterranean has risen significantly thanks to the melting of glaciers. Some areas of land were flooded, while in the Sicilian Channel two large islands. According to experts, these islands were connected by a wide isthmus. The find of “underwater Stonehenge” gives an occasion suggest that before the islands went under water, on sufficiently developed tribes lived there.

The monolith, resting on the seabed, was broken in two. IN the total length is more than twelve meters. Section square monument, the monument also has several round holes of unknown purpose. The correct form of the monolith says that it is not made by nature. Officially, scientists claim that this is the work of an ancient man, but also hypotheses are put forward that the authorship of the monument belongs to representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Currently Israeli and Italian specialists plan to conduct a chemical analysis of the material obtained so that learn about the stone and the most “underwater Stonehenge” significantly more.

Water Stones Stonehenge Island

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