Using the Google Earth app in Antarctica found another man-made pyramid

Using the Google Earth application in Antarctica, they found another man-made pyramidA photo from open sources

As virtual researchers say, computer technology today they allow you to look into any corner of the planet, including in Antarctica, which for a long time was inaccessible to almost no whom, with the exception of a narrow circle of persons – prominent scientists and politicians.

But Antarctica is opening today not only for this reason, but and because global warming disrupts long-term the glacial “cape” that turned this continent for a long time almost into the “invisible”. At the moment they are starting here to thaw out such things that scientists bring, not to mention independent researchers, in real shock. Suffice it to say, that for several years virtual archaeologists have discovered in Antarctica several man-made pyramids that indicate that on this the continent once developed a highly developed civilization.

And here is another find – another pyramid. Her using Google Earth applications recently discovered an independent explorer, popular blogger Graham, who immediately rushed Share your find with YouTube video hosting users. Here’s what he told the Daily Star:

I have no doubt that this is a man-made pyramid, the truth is she looks a little strange, but that’s because still not all melted, almost halfway under the ice. But pay attention, how huge it is. Compared to her famous The Egyptian pyramids at Giza are simply midgets. This find in the next time proves that Antarctica was once inhabited, and not some primitive people, there was a highly developed society, the most ancient civilization of earthlings, which is likely to be significantly surpassed in its development the current human society.

In Antarctica using Google maps really find a lot mysterious objects, for example, more recently, virtual archaeologists found something resembling a huge staircase, a section of concrete road with a bridge and much more. Really, as the ice melts, this the cold mainland will actually reveal something amazing to us, say Atlantis, which humanity has been unsuccessfully seeking for already time …

Antarctica Pyramid Time

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