Vajra – the weapon of the ancient gods

Recently, the theory of paleocontact has been making itself louder and louder: there is more and more evidence that once upon high technology already existed on our planet. Scientists come to the conclusion that objects depicted in ancient frescoes or cave paintings are actually spaceships, by air … One of such mysterious objects of the past are vajras – strange products that have reached our days in its original form, unlike many disappeared after millennia of evidence of paleocontact.

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Astravidya – divine science I wonder what else in last century, the theme of super-powerful weapons of the past was actively covered researchers, including, oddly enough, in the USSR. More the history of the study of paleovisites, as they were then called, and started in Russia, and at the beginning of the XX century, but this is a topic for separate article. And in 1978, in the collection “Secrets of the Ages”, published publishing house “Young Guard”, an article appeared engineer By Vladimir Rubtsov “Astravidya – myth or reality?” (astravidya – in the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata, the science of owning various types of weapons of the gods). In the article, the author asks the following questions: “Some archaeological finds suggest that our distant ancestors fought not only with swords and arrows. Why the ruins of the Hittite state capital of the city of Hattusas are fused more so than it does in a fire? Why on granite the walls of the Irish fortresses Dundalk and Ekoss visible traces of some strange fusion? ”

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Further, Vladimir Rubtsov makes the following assumptions: “The reasons for such reflows and hitherto a mystery, and attempts “electric” explanations (“huge lightning”) look unconvincing. Maybe you should pay attention to Numerous references to world folklore “unusual”, “heavenly”, “superpowerful” weapons? Perhaps the most interesting and systematic information of this kind is contained in ancient Indian literature. For example, as described “Mahabharata” the use of weapons of brahma-siras: … Topa launched Frame an arrow of unrequited strength, Awful, bringing death … Instantly lowered by Rama, a far-flying arrow … lit by a great flame that mighty rakshasa. With a horse harness, a chariot. All he was engulfed in fire … And fell into five basic natures … His the skeleton, meat and blood no longer held, Burned their weapons … So and the ashes were not visible. It doesn’t even require “atomic” interpretations. For those who are familiar with the action of napalm, this the description doesn’t seem fantastic at all. But napalm in Ancient Of India? “Further, the author examined in detail various types of weapons, mentioned in the Mahabharata, including super powerful brahmadandu and brahmashiras, which were clearly radioactive: they killed fetuses in women and hit people for several generations. But we will consider only one type of weapon – the so-called the vajra that Vladimir Rubtsov mentioned briefly. Hit Vajra lightning in Sanskrit has several meanings: “strike lightning “and” diamond “. In Tibet, it is called dorje, in Japan – Congo, in China – jinguansi, in Mongolia – an ochir.

Photos from open sources Photos from open sources

This is an important ritual item in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Vajra is a cult symbol, like a cross among Christians or a crescent moon Muslims. Vajra is still used in various rituals, and Buddha is often portrayed with her in her arms. There is a direction Buddhism called Vajrayana (moreover, the Buddha himself is called Vajrasattva). In yoga, there is a pose called vajrasana, its meaning is to make the body strong as diamond. In the mythology of India, vajra is a powerful weapon of the god Indra, which can kill without a miss. Moreover, like a diamond, it is intact and unharmed in any situation: destroys everything, but does not remain on it not a scratch. Note that the god Indra is the main one in the Hindu mythology, the head of all gods, the god of thunder and lightning, “king of the universe.” He crushes and breaks fortresses, and besides, with the help of vajra able to command the weather, as well as change the riverbeds and blow up rocks … Stupa Bodnatha Vajra in various descriptions accompanied by epithets: copper, gold, iron, strong, as from stone or rock. She has four or one hundred corners, a thousand teeth, sometimes it happens in the form of a disk, but more often – cruciform, in the form crossed beam of lightning. Vajra images are available at most ancient monuments of India. But the most interesting thing is that similar objects appear as attributes of gods and in cultural monuments other countries.

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For example, Zeus in ancient Greek frescoes clearly holds in his hands vajra. And we remember that the thunderer had powerful weapons, who knew how to throw lightning, and in addition, he knew how to control the weather. So this is a mysterious weapon in time immemorial existed in different parts of the planet.

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However, vajra are widely represented in our time. What already it was said to be a cult item for eastern religions, and therefore produced today, and according to ancient images and canons. Moreover, there are several vajras left over from ancient times. For example, in Nepal there is the Bodnath temple complex, built in VI century AD. In the center of the complex is the so-called Buddhist stupa (by the way, another mysterious religious building, which most reminiscent of a spaceship – this is the right hemisphere with top). Beside her is a huge vajra, which is the object of worship of many pilgrims.

God Indra holds a terrible weapon in his hand Фото из открытых источников Фото из открытых источников Фото из открытых источников

Moreover, local monks claim that this vajra gods used as a tool: cut stones, made blocks for the construction of temples and other huge structures. Secret mantra Paranormal researchers believe that vajras begin to work after their “activation” with the help of a secret mantra, which is kept by the servants of the ancient religions of the East. However no one so far failed to make the mysterious weapons of the past work. However, the famous Nikola Tesla in 1896 created his mysterious resonant generator (Tesla coil), which works without any mantras and, creating a voltage of several million volts, literally mosque lightning. So you can put forward the version that vajra is also resonant generator, which had a very high power. It is believed that vajras are associated with torsion fields. This term back in 1922, the French scientist Eli Cartan introduced he designated them a hypothetical physical field that forms torsion of space. Later, the theory of torsion fields became the most moot point of physics. And her official non-recognition is largely due to the fact that “torsion workers” claim that a person and his thoughts can generate and control torsion fields. If vajra – the weapon of the ancient gods, who are far ahead of us in the level of technological development (after all, they flew from distant planets, which we are not yet available), then, it turns out, these mysterious gods were able manage torsion fields (remember the secret eastern mantra). By the way, the torsion field diagrams of an elementary particle surprisingly reminiscent of vajra in their construction – look yourself … Maybe someone will ever be able to activate vajra. While our society is not ready for this, it’s scary to imagine what will happen if such a formidable weapon gets morally unscrupulous man. Indeed, in the same “Mahabharata” the ancient gods warned: Arjuna, Arjuna, do not use marvelous weapons! .. After all, you can never let it go aimlessly, Yes, and the goal without they should not be hit by extreme needs … If this is abused great misfortunes can happen with weapons! .. Perhaps, while mankind did not learn to live peacefully and dispense with military conflicts, early talk about controlling the weapons of the gods that can do “great troubles.” Natalya Trubinovsky “Secrets of the twentieth century”

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