Vandal archaeologists have proven that the pyramid of Cheops more than 20 thousand years

Two German students from the University of Dresden were almost obsessed with the idea that science purposely hides the fact which the age of the Egyptian pyramids is much more officially recognized. Officially it is believed that the Cheops pyramid built no more than 4,500 years ago, but there are many theories on which she is much older and built her now extinct civilization or even aliens. To prove this theories, students flew to Egypt, entered the pyramid Cheops and committed an act of vandalism, scraped from the wall materials for sample in place of an ancient drawing. Vandal archaeologists have proven that the Cheops pyramid is more than 20 thousand years oldPhotos from open sources Their initiative, of course, did not remain unnoticed by the Egyptian authorities who introduced two young blacklisted researchers. Students, meanwhile, went to Germany and there studied a sample from a pyramid. According to young people, the available sample confirmed the theory that the pyramid was built not 4500 years ago, but not less than 20 thousand years ago, and Pharaoh Cheops was only engaged in its restoration at a later date. time. Photos from open sources All of their findings in the scientific world, of course, were rejected because of an “expert examination by amateurs, not archaeologists. “And the Minister of Antiquities of Egypt stated that the ancient Egypt’s heritage has suffered substantial damage. German Embassy in Cairo was forced to issue a statement according to which German students had nothing to do with the German archaeological institution, so their actions are sharply criticized and fit Description of vandalism. Soon Minister Mohammed Ibrahim filed against students lawsuit to the prosecutor general’s charge smuggling of cultural property, violation of international law and unesco conventions regarding archeology. And if even one of vandal students will see at any airport in Egypt then immediately will be arrested. According to

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