Version: What year is it really? In which century live? in XXI? In VI, count yourself!

In the book of Alexei Kungurov (Tyumen) “Kievan Rus was not, or what historians hide “caught a curious fragment from” Arseny Sukhanov. Debate with the Greeks about faith. “I will not discuss now the authenticity of this document but, no matter what, it is quite reasonably explains why three independent laboratories (Switzerland, UK and USA), not knowing the origin investigated tissue samples (Shroud of Turin), based on radiocarbon dating research analysis, gave almost the same conclusions about their age. 12 century of a new era. Astronomers also indirectly indicate a date the birth of Jesus by calculating the crab-shaped expansion rate nebulae, which the evangelists called the Star of Bethlehem, they gave an approximate date of its occurrence. 12th Century Again! Version: What year is it really? In what century do we live? In XXI? In VI, count yourself!Photos from open sources Now we read the quote from “Debate”: “Yes, you lost the summers from the Nativity of Christ: write this year, in the year 158 of the Nativity of Christ, the 1650th year; and in your Greek books are convicting you, but you do not want to obey. – A all that you have come to know from the Romans, beyond the Hellenic doctrine of the printed a courtyard at your house and books are printed for you in Rome and Venice and England and Hellenic scripture go study to Rome and to Venice, and you have all the sciences that come to you, and there they are, even in a herd of flocks and healthy cattle are growing flesh, so are yours didascals come to you from Rome and from Venice all are scoundrels, as well as Blasius of the rivers from the science of Roman customs, and you are taught that; and you listen to them in everything, because you do not have your own Hellenic sciences you receive language and books from them. – Other river that you didn’t have good, then everything passed to us to Moscow. “So, Arseny Sukhanov exposes the creators of a fake story and fake calendar clear text – Rome, Venice and England. But the most important thing it turns out that back in the middle of the 17th century, people remembered exactly when Jesus was born! In 1650, he would have turned 158 years old! It turns out that Jesus was born in 1492, and we have according to “their” timetable on calendars should show off not 2013, but only 521 summers! Again you have to make adjustments in understanding who we are and where from. Yet just recently, I believed that 5508 years were stolen from us, because Slavic calendar outside the window summer 7521st from the creation of the world, and now it turns out that 6029 years have been stolen from humanity! And what in did these times happen? More or less reliably, I see only last 120-130 years. Well, 135. What happened before, no one knows, because the whole story is written by Jesuits, Masons French, Germans and Bolsheviks. A reasonable question: – How are they? succeeds? How can history be rewritten globally? A sane person will say: “No way! There are manuscripts, artifacts, archaeological finds, and everything is consistent with traditional history! “. I myself just recently naively believed these “evidence”. Having learned not from Aunt Gruni how, I draw my conclusions. What there is only the myth of the library of Alexandria, which allegedly carriages of folios were stored, despite the fact that the paper was not yet invented? And what are the attempts to find the library of Ivan Grozny? And remember how the Bolsheviks simply burned in wastelands in different areas of Moscow archive of the Romanov dynasty from more than half a million volumes? I suppose so: 1) Replacing calendars. A great the way to bury the truth is to make changes regularly systems of reckoning. Lunar calendar, solar, muslim, Jewish, Slavic, Hindu, Julian, Gregorian, himself hell breaks in this chaos. You can bury anything. TO “necessary” event can be pulled any date. Not suitable Gregorian calendar, take the lunar, and now you’re already millennial history! 2) The substitution of geographical names is also a favorite a way to fake genuine events. They wrote that The Battle of Kulikovo was on the Don River, and everyone is still convinced that it was on the Don on the Don, where horses were walking. And the fact that any river called Don, it’s hard to remember. And look now on which of Dons were events. But LondDon is also LONG DON – just long river. This hypothesis was prompted, if not paradoxically, the name of the mountain on the Falkland archipelago. The mountain is called Longdon 3) The resettlement of large masses. The most harmless – organization of large projects such as BAM, NGOs Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Tselina, Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, Magnitogorsk, etc. A huge number of visiting workers and specialists fill “rumble” of their traditions a certain territory, old-timers die, and the new arrivals are no longer aware of the history of the land on which they arrived to build something, but having torn away from their homeland, they will no longer remember the true history of the places where they were born. And the most brutal that progressors get up, these are undoubtedly great shocks. Wars revolutions, crises, epidemics, etc. In such bonfires do not burn not only books of libraries and archives, but also entire nations, and their memory and their story. 4) the media. The most effective weapon. It all started with stray buffoons. The gentlemen quickly learned that satire and criticism, contained in speeches of buffoons and buffoons, capable of to raise popular uprisings. The method has been adopted, and now, get the Hullywood namber van – project “William, so his foot, Shakespeare “(which is translated into a language that we understand, means: Bill yes Shook the Spear). And now a whole literary agency is scribbling dramas and tragedies (read soap operas “The Engagement Ring”, “Victoria”, “My favorite nanny”, etc.), and hundreds of nativity scenes in all the islands and the west of Europe are shown how to speak correctly, move, dress, in which houses to live, what to strive for, what value, whom to respect, and whom to hate and destroy as undemocratic regimes that do not know pluralism and tolerance. A Britt’s, Walles’s & Scott’s (shaved, hairy and cattle) rules of conduct, sobbed into the hem of dirty rags and thought: – “We must so! We’re messing around in shit, but what a real life it is! ” So our stupid compatriots see in the series gigantic, the size of an apartment’s basketball court them, clothes and cars of favorite heroes, are programmed for a special type of consumer thinking. Is there a true story here? If in one life, but the screen is completely different? Outline mechanism is clear. It remains to answer the main question: – WHY? By the way to say this is not quite the right question. In Russian, before the reforms Lunacharsky, whose mother tongue was Yiddish, every Russian knew the difference between the questions “WHY,” “WHY,” and “WHY.” These concepts not interchangeable. Depending on the question asked, and the answer given correspondingly. For example: 1st situation. Q: – Why are you dressed in black? A: – To match the atmosphere of mourning on the funeral. 2nd situation. Q: – Why did you dress in black? About: – By about the mourning for Yaroslav Vladimirovich. 3rd situation. Q: – Why have you dressed in black? A: – From the fact that I grieve over untimely loss. So, obviously, this is not the same thing. So why, why and why we see an application to humanity of the above four tactics of depriving truthful information about human history? My answer is: To keep person in ignorance for as long as possible, for simplicity managing them. So that they do not guess that they are simply bred as rabbits, chickens, or swede. So that they execute a given program, and continued to meekly feed their masters. That would never found out who they really are and where they come from, what their true nature is and destination. All this is true for all three questions – why, why and why. With the motives sorted out, now the main thing. What exactly hide progressors from humans? Some very important event, most likely exactly thanks to which they managed to capture and hold power. Maybe they got power as a result of planetary catastrophe, which they themselves arranged (whose echoes are myths about the flood, the battle of the titans, Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperborea)? A having learned the truth about her, humanity will be able to find ways for her prevent in the future, and break out of slavery, from Tartarus, and become equal to the gods again? Let’s think, not believe! After aforesaid: The night passed, I figured what was the year according to Slavic the calendar if Jesus was really born in 1492. incredible but this is a round date – 7000 year from the creation of the world! And also this year considered the official opening date of America! Coincidence? Not, democrat guys! I do not believe in coincidences of this order! AUTHOR: kadykchanskiy Photos from open sources

Found confirmation in a book about Genghis Khan, there is correspondence of the years of the western and eastern calendars, there is the year of the snake 1220, and logically, all years of the snake should be even, but this year we see that the year of the snake 2013, it is odd, and so, if by 1220 add 66 cycles of 12 years, that is, 792 years, then you get 2012 year, and we are already 2013, but still the same snake …

Life of the Snake Moon Moscow

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