Vibrations of Arkaim: A Journey to the Ancient the city

The first time I heard the word “Arkaim” from a friend in the context of her pregnancy soon after visiting this place. It was eight years ago, and then I did not attach this causal connection no value.

The Vibrations of Arkaim: A Trip to the Ancient CityA photo from open sources

However, from that moment, despite the fact that I never there was a desire to go to Arkaim and I did not look for information about him, in over the next eight years, this same Arkaim grew different untested information, associations and other people’s stories, and to the beginning of the summer of this year, I thought that:

– Arkaim is located in the south of the Chelyabinsk region, 680 km from Ekaterinburg. This is a historical reserve on a place open in late 80s last century civilization, which is 700 years younger Troy Aerial view of the borders of settlements built in the form of circles and with astronomical accuracy;

– Residents of the city left him forever with unexplained mystical circumstances;

– There’s nothing special to watch, everywhere the steppe is so burnt grass, in the summer there is a terrible heat, and even nowhere to swim. Water there not. There is also nothing special and nowhere, tourists eat that brought from home, but mainly by solar energy;

Team Pasha, Natasha, Vitya

A photo from open sources Photos from open sources Photos from open sources

– There are no conditions for tourism in Arkaim, people coming there lives in tents or wagons like construction ones;

– In the days of the spring and autumn equinox, summer solstices and eclipses gather thousands of visitors. There psychics, healers, shamans, real and charlatans come together with on the one hand, and those who seek them, on the other hand;

– Once you need to go there at least in order to see it is heaven;

– Many found healing or spiritual enlightenment in Arkaim, in in any case, Arkaim is a place of power;

– There everyone goes in some circles;

– There are mountains that you need to climb in a certain sequence, otherwise you can move off the mind;

– There is a mountain of Love, climbing which you can ask about love, help in the device of personal life, the birth of children and these desires will come true.

One of my acquaintances, the owner of the tour bus, spoke about the fact that every summer it carries crowds of good-natured eccentrics, all the way of singing mantras, charged with cosmic energy. Other acquaintances went there and went to some museums for several days. The third visited there last summer and did not really understand if there is something there supernatural or not, but said there were a lot of things esoteric. After some time, he also told a story, which I really like and may be useful to someone, therefore, with your permission, and no offense to the person with whom she happened, I’ll tell her in its entirety.

It happened last fall with one of our mutual friend – beauty, clever, teacher of yoga and qigong, possessor a long red braid, but completely unlucky in love. After break with another, not justified even the most modest hopes a man, she came to Arkaim. Climbing the mountain of Love, she I saw several women resting and realized that they were witches. (A the word “witch”, as you know, came from the word “know”, comprehend essence of things.)

She approached them, they got into a conversation, and after a while she complained about the unsettledness of her personal life. “Good,” said they – we are testing you. Finish the sentence: All men … “” Goats “, – said our heroine, without blinking. “Well, here’s your diagnosis, – women answered. – That’s who is present in your life. What if so who are you in these relationships? Goat? And this is you satisfying? ”

They said that she should climb the mountain, repeating the phrase: “ALL MEN – GODS, HEROES, CREATORS” so that an understanding of this entered her life. And so she went, repeating: “ALL MEN ARE GODS, HEROES, CREATORS “and meditating, and soon awareness of this filled her to edges, and she no longer doubted his truth. The happy end of the tale did not take long: it did not pass and months, when she met a man who, as told to me this man is a hero (a lion, according to the zodiac sign and character), creator (successful architect, realizing his projects in Europe) and, as I understand it, by God (the details of this story bashfully silent). END.

Well, so, it would seem, there were no external reasons, and with The last mention of Arkaim took more than six months, when suddenly one fine summer day hit me like a bolt from the blue heaven: “IT IS NECESSARY TO GO TO ARKAIM!” And two weeks later I was there.


Got an adventure. We left later than we were going, instead Estimated eight hours drove twelve, incorrect settings the navigator was then attributed to the inevitable difficulties of spiritual search. The right road from Yekaterinburg: Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Kizilskoye, Obruchevka, Arkaim – so we drove back, travel time exactly eight hours. They went there on the wrong, that is: not Reaching Chelyabinsk, turned to Miass, there was a repair roads, due to detour and wandering lost two hours.

The village of Slyudorodnik (practically Switzerland), Karabash (even scary to photograph, the real Mordor)

A photo from open sources Photos from open sources

At eleven we stopped in Bashkiria, had dinner, moved to Uchaly, when suddenly the road ended. More precisely, the road was, but just accelerate, suddenly without any warning signs or hints right in front of you grows across its entire width a sort of zapadla 20-30 centimeters high, which if you fly at a speed and you will continue to somersault until you find yourself somewhere in field wheels up. So we drove 60 km / h until we returned again to the Chelyabinsk region, but they understood that they left Bashkiria without all sorts of signs.

Arkaim navigator does not show. Paper description of the Pasha route forgot at home. Internet failed to catch. Endpoint scored in Kizilskoe navigator, got to him at three in the morning, where further – not a single option, there are no pointers to Arkaim and in remember, I had to look for someone from whom I could find out, but from this Kizilsky another three or four key turns and 70 km to Arkaima.

We stopped at a gas station, then at the police, and I later realized one feature of steppe thinking. If I were asked how from point A to get to point X, I would say something like this: from A directly 300 m to B, then right 100 m to C, then left 200 m to X. We they said this: from A to B. How much? – Kilometers 10. We arrive in B, no hints of X, again looking for someone to ask, we find: from B to B. How much? – 40 Kilometers, etc. And around there is one steppe and starry sky. And this is not Europe, where at every intersection there is a sign with white letters on a brown background with the name of the attraction.

When before my eyes multi-colored blots, I thought several times that we need to stop, set tent right in the steppe and sleep until morning. Then she said to herself: “Okay, little left. “So we arrived at Arkaim at half past four in the morning instead Estimated ten in the evening. While looking closely, while set the tent dawned, and the people reached for the mountain to meet the dawn. Gathered and went there, where all. Cold, 14 degrees. But everyone is sitting and waiting for a miracle, although, in theory, the sun rises and sets each day, we don’t notice how. And here is an event. Met dawn, returned to the tent, I just laid my head on the pillow, immediately turned off and woke up at ten from the heat and stuffiness, looked out – my friends have already gone into intelligence, found out what and where they are cooking breakfast.

Tourism Arkaim organized campground is a heap of tents pitched right on the stones; trailers like construction, equipped with beds, sockets and a refrigerator; with infrastructure in the form of a separate toilet, ten places (it’s not clear how he copes at peak times invasion of tourists, I think, no way); soul; organized dining room where you can order three meals a day for three hundred rubles a day; gift shops; catering and control room with schedule of excursions, as well as a central square with a tree desires and a place for a ritual bonfire. In general, an ordinary city in thumbnail.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

If you wish, you can spend five days in Arkaim and be all the time busy with something. The scientists and archaeologists who excavated cities turned out to be people who can see widely, soap globally and act on a steppe scale. Therefore, the excavation of the city quickly overgrown with other cultural objects of different historical eras collected in the Museum of Nature and Man, the Museum of the Ancients technologies, as well as independent historical monuments, like then: mound “Temir” (IV century BC), funerary structures Bronze Age, places of worship of the Middle Ages, Cossack manor, windmill, etc. In addition, the steppe surrounding ancient city, an area of ​​20 square meters. km, was turned into natural reserve, in the creation of which many scientists took part countries.

Besides all this cultural and historical splendor, on The territory of the camp has various master classes, ranging from willow twigs and clay sculptures and ending with drums and dancing with fire. From other entertainments: at any time of the day or night you can ride, and in the evenings some camp visits aircraft and offers adrenaline-hungry walk the air. After dinner, people flock to the central square, communicates culturally and has fun. Well, finally, for the sake of what is here most tourists come – these are local rituals.

Rituals: Arkaim – a very subjective place. That’s why different people’s opinions about him are so different, though, in In principle, all of these opinions may be true. Yes most comes here in the hope of a miracle or out of curiosity. Actively different citizens enjoy it. They can be conscientious, for example, leading master classes; sellers of dairy products; aborigines, renting housing, and unscrupulous, for example, self-proclaimed gurus; sellers of magic items; charlatans and other subjects. The latter are actively opposed by representatives scientific world. On the one hand, Arkaim is a place where you can clearly see how faith is stronger than science, because no matter how much scientists did not repeat that they were personally present at the birth of all there are no local rituals and nothing supernatural in Arkaim, people believe that after performing certain actions they will meet love or be healed because they saw or heard people who did these things and met love or healed.

A photo from open sources

On the other hand, this inevitable conflict of worldviews in Arkaime clearly contributes to the development of both scientific and (conditionally) mystical worldview for the benefit of each direction. In short, the usual dialectic is very clear here. But to me personally explanations why birch trees growing near the mountain of Love, curves, data representatives of science (something related to the composition of the soil and magnetic fields) and representatives of the cult (something related to sabbath witches) seem equally convincing. we climbed all three mountains in the camp, in the established sequences: Mount of Penance, Mount Shamanka and Mount Grachina (she is the mountain of Love). Each one is made of man-made stones mandala – a spiral twisting to the center, along which you can pass the. During the passage you need to ask on the first mountain forgiveness, on the second – to think about the past and present of your soul, on the third is to ask what you want. The scheme seems similar to the shaman ritual.

The process of passing is long, associated with deep meditation; the sensations are very interesting, although they depend on the inner everyone’s preparedness. The energy inside the spiral is very strong, I personally couldn’t reach out through her hand, it seemed to me that these are not just stones laid out on the surface of the mountain, but walls.

A photo from open sources

When we walked on the first mandala, two climbed the mountain drummers and began to beat some kind of rhythm, I just have everything the goose bumps were running, it was very cool. My cynical friend Vitya tried to convince me that this is all the power of self-hypnosis, but when I pretended to him that after the descent from the mountain of Love he’s here for half an hour, if not silent, she talks about sex, said that it an accident.

The next morning we climbed Cheku, which is located in fifty kilometers from Arkaim. The feeling was perfect inexpressible. After the noisy Arkaim, plunge into absolute silence. As far as the eye can see, the steppe stretches with its hills, like desert dunes or yellow-green waves. Feeling time disappears both in the sense of hours and in the sense of eras. It seems that the mountain is alive and breathing, trying to breathe at the same pace as it is, and when this succeeds, thoughts suddenly become completely pure and transparent, like morning air, and then disappear altogether; you understand that you can get an answer to any question, but ask there is no one and no reason, and you just sit on the ground and you cannot leave.

A photo from open sources

At the foot of the Cheka there is a source consecrated by the Orthodox and Buddhist clergy. Going down the mountain, everyone traditionally doused with three buckets of ice water. Thus, those who do not have consciousness from climbing and staying on the Check it became clear that fate kindly gives one more chance.


And in general, water in Arkaim is in full order, therefore, the grass in the steppes are not scorched by the sun, but green and juicy. Heat in the afternoon it’s really worth it to think about nothing but bathing just impossible. In one of the souvenir stalls, we found out where to bathe. Then I was terribly proud to ask the right a question that, as you know, contains half the answer.

So one could ask: “Where are you swimming here?” and get direction to the public Arkaim beach – cleared of vegetation a patch of water where, like herring in a barrel, splashing living in the camp. To my question: “Where is your best place here? for swimming? “we got a direction to the village of Alexandrovsky, about a kilometer from the place where we set up the tent, but the trip was worth it. The water was cold and I had to be private by example and persuading to lure my pampered city friends in water. People

It’s believed that people are the worst that can be seen in Arkaim, but this is not so. Pasha lost his glasses on the beach and was terribly upset at features because all the time lately he’s constantly anything loses. After half an hour of popular and unsuccessful searches was the following verdict was issued: “Pasha must see something in the true the light. ”

A photo from open sources

The girl in the control room asking why we were late for an excursion, and in response to a story about the search for points, philosophically sighed: “You are not alone. Probably today is SIMPLY DAY LOSS. “Another girl asked Viti for a light, saying that I forgot the lighter in the camp. Vitya flicked the lighter three times, but the fire didn’t light up, to which he sarcified: “Probably, the Higher forces want You quit. “Girl:” Try again, I just have karma x … eva. “” Do not ask for love – give love! “- the inscription reads on sorrow of love. Those who come to Arkaim, for the most part, are open, are kind and capable of giving love. And do they do “exercise arkaimtsev “, reminiscent of the mating games of the orangutans or walk on mandalas, whether they beat drums or sing mantras, do they have sex on the mountain of Love, they meditate or just hang around the camp, – undoubtedly, each of them is looking for something, and each has a reason, to be in this place.

It seems ridiculous or silly to some to perform these rituals. Scientists rubbed corn on the tongue, explaining that the Arkaimians did not have written language, and therefore neither a recipe for Arkaim tea, nor a complex exercises arkaimskoy charge could not reach us. But each morning, a little dawn dawns, crowds of people invariably gather on hilltops to meet the sun and ask him to warm and protect yourself and your loved ones.

A photo from open sources

Yes, and what difference does Arkaim possess some internal strength in old times or not, you still can’t check it. But what a for twenty years people have brought so much positive energy here that it can even be scooped from the air and eat it, it’s true! AND every person coming here with his request, tying a ribbon on the wish tree, leaving here a piece of his soul, makes this place stronger.

Well, now, there is an opinion that people are the worst that can be see in Arkaim. But this is not so, because just people created Arkaim as a place from where they hear you, as a place from where you can to hear oneself as a point on the path of spiritual search.

Therefore, if you are lonely and have no one to chat with, if you lost if you all do not have enough time to be with you or have you completely forgotten who you are and what is really important to you, you you can come to Arkaim and maybe here you will find the answers to these questions. And even if not, the vibrations of Arkaim will still have beneficial influence on your inner world, calm the mind and give forces. With love, Natalya Puzikova

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