Victor Camacho studies forbidden archeology Mexico related to aliens

Victor Camacho studies Mexico's forbidden archeology related to aliensA photo from open sources

Mexican archaeologist, paranormal researcher, presenter of the radio program “Discovery” (“Los Desvelados”) Victor Camacho (Victor Camacho) has been studying the so-called forbidden for many years archeology of his country, that is, something that is somehow connected with UFOs or aliens.

To this end, he practically traveled all over Mexico, having been in those places that in ancient times were visited by aliens, leaving there not only their traces, but also seriously affecting the culture and life of the ancients peoples of the american continent.

Artifacts that Victor Camacho has collected for all his time studies convincingly prove that in ancient times existed in these parts of the nationality, who were in close contact with star guests. On engravings of their cultural heritage depicted ships and aliens themselves, reflected fantastic knowledge about the universe and much more that is difficult to explain in terms of orthodox science.

A photo from open sources

Victor Camacho found many people who collected alien related artifacts. This, for example, many ceramic figures showing strange creatures with big eyes (aliens), alien ships and more, which confirms the main thing: in ancient times, man was in contact with guests from space or from parallel worlds. These guests, judging by everything present on Earth today (in our time in UFOs and aliens do not believe only the most impenetrable skeptics), but for some reason, they don’t make contact with a modern person.

Lecturing about aliens and UFOs, responding to numerous listeners questions, Camacho often has to talk about such a mysterious behavior of aliens. Personally he I am sure that modern humanity is simply not yet ready for contact with aliens. It turns out that more ancient civilizations on Earth, which are considered by modern academic science sometimes almost half-wild, were morally and culturally more developed, if the aliens did not shy from communicating with them. And to us says Camacho, to this level still grow and grow …

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