Was another Ata found in the Atacama Desert?

Another Ata found in the Atacama Desert?Photos from open sources of

Mummified body of an alien, who was christened Ata (in the area – Atacama Desert), was discovered in 2003 and immediately made a sensation in the scientific community.

Some orthodox scientists, say, a professor of microbiology Stanford School of Medicine Harry Nolan concluded that this mutated person. However, lighter heads were found, like Ramon Institute of Exobiology, Spain Navia Osorio, who cited as evidence that Ata is not a person with at least a dozen inconsistencies of a person and found a tiny mummy.

And in one of the caves of the Peruvian desert Atacama recently found a small elongated skull that looks very much like a head the legendary Ata. Examined the findings of the Peruvian cavers (tiny figure and elongated skull) world famous scientist Brian Ferster, who has repeatedly encountered unusual remains people (or aliens). According to him, the skull was covered in sulfur skin not affected by time. Skull bone thickness no more five millimeters.

A photo from open sources

It’s hard to say, the researcher says, what it is, although at first glance it all resembles the remains of an alien from other worlds than man. Currently, bone and skin samples tissues sent for examination in several laboratories of countries North America – for DNA test and radiocarbon analysis. therefore it’s too early to say anything.

Recall that elongated skulls were common among ancient inhabitants of South America. Scientists put forward several versions to that: from artificial deformation in order to imitate the gods (aliens) to the confusion of local residents and aliens. That the heads of the gods were distinguished by elongated skulls, indirectly confirm and the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, possessing the same strange with our points of view with their heads that they had to hide from ordinary people under tall hats.

A photo from open sources

However, to vest in the fact that soon scientists will speak with sensational statement that an alien skull was found (another Ata), not necessary. Orthodox science does everything to to prove the opposite, and if this does not work, then he is simply silent about what happened or even falsifies data. It seems like for everything these are the omnipotent world forces that are not interested in that information about extraterrestrial civilizations spread too fast and wide – only in certain dosage servings. And therefore, it is best at the level of not scientific communities, but ufological sites, whose authenticity of information is believed far Not all…

Pharaohs DNA Time

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