Was man made of clay?

A photo from open sources The famous biblical story that man was created from clay, received several years ago unexpected confirmation. It turned out that the easiest clay contains the basic elements of biological life. Apparently not in vain from ancient times to the present using clay treat a variety of diseases. How did the good and bad people Since ancient times, many peoples have myths and legends that man was created from clay. For example, in the Macedonian legend, the Lord personally sculpted people from clay, trying, “so that nothing of the body parts is crooked and that the man was not offended. “However, then he decided to speed up the process. making people and made a special form of man into which stuffed clay. With this “mass production” began to suffer quality, some people turned out with a crooked arm or leg, others – blind or bald, third – proud or stubborn. Like this the good ones appeared (the Lord made them with their hands) and the bad ones (made using forms) people. Curiously, in the Sumerian myth, the gods Enki and Ninmakhs also sculpted people from clay, and at first they did good people, and then, hopping, created various freaks. ABOUT the creation of people from clay is told in the myths of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, a number of tribes of the Indians of North America, the peoples of Africa. Well and the biblical story of the creation of man from clay is without a doubt known to many. According to scholars, even Hebrew itself the word “man” has a connection with the word “land, red earth”. The wonderful properties of clay. Famous Russian scientist V. Vernadsky at the beginning of the twentieth century, while studying clay, discovered a number of them curious properties that testified in favor of the ancients myths about the creation of man. The clay consisted of all macro- and trace elements present in our body. The most interesting, that they were in clay in almost the same proportions! Recently American scientists made a sensational discovery, confirming on higher level findings of Vernadsky. They found that ordinary clay contains the basic elements of biological life, constituting the membranes of human cells, and others biological organisms. It should be noted that cell membranes do not only participate in the formation of cells, but also contain the body’s genetic code is RNA, which is the basis of everything living. Geologists and soil scientists distinguish up to 40 types of clay. They are differ from each other in composition, structure and color. Meet blue, white, red, yellow, green, gray and even black clay, they all come in a wide variety of shades. Color and tint clay, its properties are determined by the chemical composition from which the healing properties of clays also depend. The healing properties of clay determined by unique ion-exchange properties, they can supply the cells with the missing and take away what is in in excess. Thus, clay is able to normalize mineral body composition and regulate metabolic processes. Catalyst life on earth? Even in ancient times, people used healing properties of clays. He wrote about them in Natural History Pliny the Elder. In ancient times, ladies appreciated a wonderful property beneficial effect on human skin. For instance, the famous “Cleopatra’s mask” was a mixture of equal parts white clay, honey and lemon juice. Whitening anti-inflammatory, regenerative properties of clay also always appreciated by those who cared for their skin. Modern studies have found that the unique properties of crystalline gratings allow clay to absorb products from the surface of the skin metabolism. Clay is enriched with trace elements, which are generously shares with our skin, and nowadays it is widely used in cosmetics. Many wild animals and birds often feed on clay, so they are treated or make up for the lack of some mineral substances and microelements. Moreover, in some countries, clay with people eat with pleasure. By the way, we sometimes absorb it, because from white clay make a neutral filler for a number of tablets. These are the wonderful properties of ordinary clay. According to one of the well-known scientific hypotheses, clay particles played the role of the catalyst in the formation of the first organic molecules. So the birth of life on Earth, and the appearance of us with we may owe you clay.

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