Water appeared on Earth before was considered

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The authors of a new study believe that the water that caused the birth of life on our planet, appeared much earlier than previously thought. In the early years of the Earth’s existence, conditions environment did not suggest the appearance of water on its surface. However, scientists have found evidence that the ingredients for water was stored inside rocky bodies near our planet and, perhaps in the bowels of the earth itself. New results show that water in our solar system appeared earlier by 135 million years than imagined. Meteorites from the asteroid Meteorites asteroid West, dark chunks of chilled magma often found in the territory of Antarctica. Molecular Assays level, confirmed the content of oxygen and hydrogen molecules in them More than 4.5 billion years ago – or about 15 million years after of how solids began to form around the young Sun – water existed in the outer, colder regions of the Solar systems, because inside, where the asteroid belt was located, and also young Earth, temperatures were too high and solar winds water vapor was sent to external areas. However during the next 4 billion years or so, the West asteroid remained in a frozen state, which allowed water to remain in the bowels of this celestial body. Chemical imprint Many bodies The solar system has various chemical “signatures.” Scientists confirmed that between the chemical “fingerprints” of Vesta and There are many coincidences of the “imprints” of the Earth. In other words, experts proved that, for example, nitrogen and hydrogen, as on Earth, so on asteroids appeared from one common source. Land also shares a chemical “imprint” with the moon, which, like Vesta, gives scientists the opportunity to look into the distant past. Scientists found traces of water in the lunar rocks, which proves the appearance water in the solar system no later than 150 million years after her birth. Ice body water New study confirms the view that water came to our planet from icy bodies close to Jupiter. Probably during formation gas giant there was an internal release of huge pieces of stone and ice. Since Jupiter is located behind the so-called “snow line, “the ambient temperature was cool enough for condensation of water in liquid or solid form.

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